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Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 Looks great. Any details on what exactly you made? I'm curious to know what's on the port and underneath it. crushed fennel seeds, garlic, rosemary, thyme and s&p for the "rub". underneath was white wine, balsamico, onion and carrot to catch up the porks juices and make gravy
from sat, roast pork
Ok, I made beef tartare. Happy? Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl didn't talk about the side dish. the main plate is beef tartare. filet mignon: Question: What is filet mignon? Filet mignon is an expensive tender cut of beef
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl that's beef tartare... potato, potejto
Quote: Originally Posted by tricota Just normal standard vinegar or white wine vinegar? And how much do you use? White vine vinegar. I use quite a lot, maybe halv a litre, use less if you're using truffle vinegar.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bloodbuzz First waywt post. what if.. they made a rugrats version of jfk starring prepubescent kevin costner who ate to much formula?
Quote: Originally Posted by Nobunny A buddy snapped a picture at lunch, so even though it's just another upper body shot I figured that it belonged here. Tie - Prorsum Shirt - D&G Wore it with a navy nn07 short shorts, and brown Ferragamo loafers. very punchable face
vitra licenced stuff so not that balling, og stuff from galerie patrick seguin and the likes is not on the radar pricewise
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt The fries. ok, I just make them like reg fries, i.e. soak, preboil in water with vinegar, but I substitute reg. vinegar with truffle vinegar, deepfry two times and top off with some shaved truffles, works a charm.
What? Filet mignon, tabasco, worcestershire and anchovies. Or am I being wooshed?
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