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Urquiola. Don't make her sound like a glorified european urinal. Very productive and made some nice stuff but VERY hit and miss imo. Bouroullec is where it's at if we're talking a couple of years old overhyped design stars.
A+ thread, will try this weekend
from sat, Charred scallops with panchetta, capers, tomato, pistou and marinated mozzarella. Steak tartare rolled in sesame seeds with soyfried mushrooms and tat soi. 350g bbq-glazed ribeye entrecôte with sherry gravy, some special "home made" katchup that was fantastic and bearnaise. today, three variantions of piglet, soured cabbage and cider sauce, very good also had a bunch of ipas, some good but also tríed a bottle of brewdog tokyo (no vis), will not try...
Price drop to $260
price dropped to $280
From saturday, carnitas, slow cooked in duck fat in the oven for the better part of the day, had with tortillas, homemade pico de gallo, guaca and salsa. just got back from a quick stop at wagamama with the kids after daycare pickup, seafood ramen and gyoza
price dropped to $300
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