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I collect nylund and i applaud you for finding the absolute worst piece from his huge output to represent him..
Urquiola. Don't make her sound like a glorified european urinal. Very productive and made some nice stuff but VERY hit and miss imo. Bouroullec is where it's at if we're talking a couple of years old overhyped design stars.
A+ thread, will try this weekend
from sat, Charred scallops with panchetta, capers, tomato, pistou and marinated mozzarella. Steak tartare rolled in sesame seeds with soyfried mushrooms and tat soi. 350g bbq-glazed ribeye entrecôte with sherry gravy, some special "home made" katchup that was fantastic and bearnaise. today, three variantions of piglet, soured cabbage and cider sauce, very good also had a bunch of ipas, some good but also tríed a bottle of brewdog tokyo (no vis), will not try...
Price drop to $260
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