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pit-pit 20.5 shoulder-shoulder 18.5
green sold, striped and checkered still available
green pending
2 more shirts added! Have doubles of these in xl so these gots to go all size LARGE, all have had the middle seam in the darting on the back removed by my tailor to give an extra 0.5 inches in width, takes 1 min to fix and would cost a pound to have a tailor sew it back if you prefer it, but it isn't visible when worn. green worn 2-3 times, washed once SOLD striped worn 5-6 times, washed two or three times. SOLD Pinpoint oxford SOLD!! Checkered SOLD!!! ONE...
parents had a couple of pk22s in leather when i grew up, think it's pretty uncomfortable plus it's abit boring "look at my extremely tasteful minimalist clean fritz hansen upper middle class easthetics" much prefer the pk31 one seater config for comfort plus it has alot more character imo. plus it's abit to common, this is from a scandinavian perspective mind, might be more exotic in the us..
suprised no one has copped the boo prince of wales, such a brilliant piece, looks so much better irl than in the pics
check pm's
tricker's and visvims sold
tricker's and visvims sold
gr_holiday, no sorry price drops on the shoes: tricker's $210 shipped, visvims $135 shipped
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