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Made a quattro formaggio with smoked® mozzarella, feta cheese, parmesan and artichoke, was very tasty
@darkNworn, rainbow trout
making some asian style spicy fish now
lamb tenderloin, zucchini puree & moroccan roasted pepper sauce, left out the grilled endive which turned out a bit to bitter last time (recycled pic)
Im a L in regular BoO shirts and an XL in the overdyed oxfords, what size should i go for in thom brown shirts?
Quote: Originally Posted by ashenwreck Could you please provide measurements for the field jacket? 1234567910
Quote: Originally Posted by PeterEliot Isn't this the neatest thing? $158 (used to be almost 300) new from Levenger. Are Levenger leather goods reliable, I wonder? I'm tempted to get it... are u a horse?
please check pm's
(was) a quite nice brand but most stuff is around 32-33mm w/o crown or smaller so kind of hard to wear considering todays standard.. Quote: Originally Posted by calvinloke Anyone heard of the Favre-Leuba brand?
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