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we don't have any ramen places here in stockholm but i've tried cooking the pork broth version a couple of times, takes a while cooking the broth but i usually do alot and freeze whats left, good to take out of the freezer and just add any stuff you have available when you feel for some ramen
pizza is the perfect food
traditional swedish stuff today, cheese pie with butter fried funnel chanterelle and some roe together with pickled herring, potatoes and sour creme
deeply regret selling it
comedy wine, lamb racks with aioli (prefer rare but had to go with medium as we there were a bunch of kids present) plus rhubarb pie
iammatts veal looks excellent, a bit unsure about the sardine ass-to-mouth action
drinking newcastle brown ale atm, it's good but i basically like all beer
Quote: Originally Posted by bkk And here's a better shot: screw the stadium, all about the otl aicher pictograms
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero A house in the ground. have seen several of these underground levels lately where people can't get planning permission for an extension to the house they simply dig out some of the garden and extend it below ground. haven't seen one without an adjourning main house yet though.
Quote: Originally Posted by 1969 That must of been when Gary Young was the still the drummer. I saw them with Sonic Youth (only) on that tour. Never thought SY would still be together almost 20 years later. caught them as opening act for sonic youth in stockholm 92, prob same tour, gary young on drums. ha was totally wasted, couldnt drum for shit and spent most of the show throwing spaghetti sticks at the audience, think that was his schtick....
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