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new chair and lamp for the study
made steak tartare and truffle fries
Quote: Originally Posted by shoreman1782 How does sophnet stuff run, sizewise? So pricy at retail but hits Yoox every once in awhile. I'd hate to get a smedium-sized large. Knitwear, jackets and pants run small. Shirts usually run small but can vary (have owned flannels with a very generous fit)
Tried to make some topper burgers ala impolyt. Burgers was kobe beef with some chopped lardo and smoked bacon throwed in, parmesan and truffle buns, truffle ketchup, truffle aioli, pickled onions, baked tomato and gruyere cheese. Buns got a couple more minutes than necessary in the oven, other than that it was great.
Quote: Originally Posted by GlenCoe Would I love to spend a weekend in here. looks haunted as hell
virgils run tts
$70 shipped, paypal's as gift
Quote: Originally Posted by phoenixrecon how to tell when your balling out of control: 1. your name on an internet forum is Jet 2. you wear a skirt suit. 2. you post large fit pics including your daily swagger in massive assortments of style. 3. you don't have to post your fit pics anymore becasue the people do. Quote: Originally Posted by babygreenspots Labelking at the opening of the first Vega Wang...
Now $80 shipped
$110 shipped
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