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This went on the grill this morning and came out as pulled pork fajita with smoked mesquite salsa, pickled red onion and guacamole [/quote]
Quote: Originally Posted by GlenCoe would occupy considering the 25M pricetag they could have put in floor to ceiling windows
i have the denon f107 setup, good bang for the buck so would recommend it. It isn't very compact though, builds kinda deep with all the cords plugged in in the back.
Parents holiday place has a cottage built around a bigass wood fired oven used to make flatbread half a century ago, tried it out making pizza, first two turned out a little burned but once i got the hang of temperature and time the rest turned out brilliant
ikea apple slicer
not burned, just perfect imo, always finish off fries hard whether it be in oven or fryer, personal preference and all that. think they turned out abit darker than usual cause of the duck fat but taste was on spot.
Partially inspired by stuff i've read in this forum section I tried out making duck fat fries for the first time (wanted to try out horse fat but couldn't get my hands on any). Blanched in vinegar, cooled, then two fry rounds in peanut oil + cooling, finished off with a third fry in duck fat, was magic. first frying after second frying finished product after third frying in duck fat served with grilled dry-aged entrecote, grilled asparagus and corn...
homemade chili cheese balls
On the topic of cheese - Raclette, also a perfect dish.
^this was my first effort, put lot less stuff in it nowadays
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