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don't put baby in a corner, don't put a sub on a brown shiny strap
I think it varies from country to country, in Sweden we have the indigenous sami minority and they mostly drive snowmobiles but I salute your RR-celebrating aficionado minority population!
RR 4lyfe
was last three dinnersSushi from last night
from last week barena scarf, vis sweat, nonnative jkt, barena chinos today, velva sheen pocket tee, eg scarf, wool barena pants and coat
bahn mi, sourdough pizza and ramen
Wanted the three arm but too cheap
Had to get a kid hauler as a second car as three kids was a bit of a headache getting into a a5, dead set on a defender but after test driving wife wouldnt have any of it so ended up with a range, still want a defender but can hopefully go for a 90svx one as a fun car instead of a regular 110 now. [img]
You lowered a A3 and put 19's on it? In DENMARK? We must be talking the gdp of a small country for just the oem rims alone? Are you crown prince Frederik?
Picked up another 1680 yesterday. Very happy with the state of this one.
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