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7k to work today. Usually try to avoid running fast since I prefer distance over pace but had a go yesterday home from work, really pleased as never been sub40 on 10k before and this was with a 3kg+ backpack.
7k to work + 7k home, daily commute
66k monster this morning, off trail with most areas in 20cm snow, was tough and a bit boring at times
Tried out my field of computer science a couple of months, sucked ass. Reassessed what I wanted to do and went to advertising, loved it and been there ever since. If you have a good academic background you can do whatever. Do what you love.
will try if can get my hands on sodium citrate, liked the recipes but to much us brand specific ingredient hard to get a hold of over here.
what is this magical dish?
25k this evening, no clue in miles, hit my 2000k year goal a bit early so trying to get back up again after two months of slacking
spela shoreline
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