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relisted items at even further discounts
All items listed on ebay at discounted prices. If anybody from here wins, feel free to pm me and I might upgrade your shipping to 2 day priority instead of regular variety. Cheers I suppose I could include links eh?
Thanks Jim! Jimleapt was also a fantastic buyer. Easy to communicate with, paid promptly. It's guy like that I bump shipping to 2 day priority just because.
I am bumping this thread. Prices have been d-d-d-dropped. Only drop I'll do on these before I just pitch em on eBay. Buy these things!
inseam. not thigh.
did i miss in the inseam length somewhere? please pm the answer to me if possible so i dont lose track
Have a few items I don't wear anymore here. Pictures taken with a cell phone so apologies for the quality of the images. I'll try to keep my eyes on the thread but if you need anything like measurements etc, youll get a faster response via PM. Shipping to CONUS only, all prices include shipping assuming they're paid via Paypal Gift. If you'd prefer not to pay as a gift, please add 3% to the price. Will entertain offers so don't be bashful. Band of Outsiders Sea Island...
look up christopher elbow pretty awesome
considering this was posted TWO years ago, you probably could have just pm'd the owner instead of bumping a thread this ancient.
bumping without a price drop?? tsk tsk.. that kind of business will get ya banned round here.
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