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I would say indefinitely. Even if it looks dated the style will probably come back. Besides, isn't the whole point of spending more on high quality suits that they will last for a long time. I often read stories of men keeping very high quality suits over 20 years.
Just heard it. Awesome. How did this song not get nominated for an Oscar?
Quote: Originally Posted by sonick It's not just Montrealers. All other Canadian city beside Toronto love to bash Toronto and Torontonians. That's true. I really don't get it. People from out west complain when Quebecers bash the rest of Canada, then they turn around and bash Toronto.
Quote: Originally Posted by 83glt I would wager my left nut that a very strong majority (say, at least 2/3's) of foreigners who visited both Toronto and Montreal, would rate Montreal as having the finer culture. Again, Toronto is a great place to live if you don't care about culture. It is indeed "like New York without all the stuff." I would wager the opposite, based on the people I have talked to during my travels and relatives I have living...
Quote: Originally Posted by 83glt Montreal has finer women, better food, better nightlife, more interesting architecture, a more innovative music scene, more sophisticated art scene, cooler neighbourhoods, and generally cooler people than Toronto. Oh yeah, and a vastly superior hockey team. To be fair, Montreal has its share of douchebags and annoying separatist assholes, and it obviously has its political problems and quirks, but on balance this does...
Quote: Originally Posted by 83glt Well, I guess you do have a point there. Toronto does have Casa Loma afterall. You obviously have no idea what you're talking about. You can't even answer a simple question.
Quote: Originally Posted by 83glt "As far as Montreal being the only city Canada has going for it, where the hell does that come from. What does Montreal, or Quebec for that matter, have that makes them so much better than the rest of the country?" Answer: Culture Everyone always says that Montreal has all this culture. What culture. Explain to me where the culture is in Montreal. I want some examples of it. I spent a couple of years living...
Quote: Originally Posted by 83glt I'm not in/from MTL, W. And I sure as hell ain't from T.O. Fucking shoot me should I ever end up in that pisshole. Oh give me a break. If they don't like Toronto, that's fair enough, but they should keep they're mouths shut and stay home. Instead they constantly feel the need to express how much they hate Toronto and put us down to the rest of the world. Personnaly I can't stand Quebec and how much they bitch...
Just got myself an Isaia suit for $350 by adding a pocket square on clearence for $18.
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