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They're $162.50 now. Still a pretty good deal.
Any info on RL dress shoes. Who makes them? what's the quality like? I found a pair of Ralph Lauren Albin Oxford's online and I was wondering what the sizing of this shoe would be compared to an AE in the 0 last. Any comments on this model in particular, I think they're RLBL. If I wear an 11E in the AE 0 last would I have to go up on the RL? Any help is appreciated since I'm just starting to learn about higher end shoes. Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan It's about the proportions. These are all way too snouty. The captoes looks like a regular pair of shoes reflected in a fun house mirror. The punching on the other too only adds insult to injury. I really don't see this at all. As far as the punching, I guess that's personal preference. I think the manhattans look much nicer in black and I really like the look of the soho.
How about the AE Hale. Is $180 a good price for the Hale or has anyone seen a new pair for less?
Quote: Originally Posted by Dewey Also note that a lot of discounted AEs are seconds. There can be serious defects with these, though it seems that people who wear a lot of seconds are often happy & vocal about their perfection. From what I have been told the seconds only have cosmetic defects, and most of the time the defects are marginal. There should be nothing that affects the durability or comfort of the shoe.
Quote: Originally Posted by Davelli0331 I'm about to pull the trigger on some AE Drydens on Amazon, though these are through the Grapevinehill storefront, for $179. I would snatch them up while they're cheap, though I honestly don't know if $179 is the cheapest they can be had. A quick google search shows them cheapest at $149, but not for my size. If the Dyrdens are sold by grapevinehill you should check out there website directly. You can...
I recently purchased a couple of pairs of AE's (my first) and I have to say I am very happy with both the styling and fit. I noticed on amazon that the Hale and the Soho can be had for roughly $180 and $214 respectively, two shoes that I think would work well for use as work dress shoes. My question is, is it common to find these shoes at these prices? I'm wondering if I should buy another pair now or will I be able to find them at the same price, say a year down the road?
Quote: Originally Posted by idfnl Its the ripoff world we live in. My wife was interested in a Prada jacket that looked like it was made out of plastic. The real kick in the nuts was that it cost $1400.
Quote: Originally Posted by Style Pontifex It's all subjective, but for some reason I look at "normal" lasts as somewhat frumpy now. I have a pair of shoes that it hurts to wear, because they're even wider in silhouette than this last. That's not to say these aren't of high quality; they appear to be of high quality. It's the aesthetic that gets me nowadays. I can see your point but I wouldn't say that the Drydens look frumpy. I wouldn't...
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