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Hello, I am selling a NWT Isaia Napoli suit. The suit is charcoal grey with orange (rust color) strips and is a EUR 58R (U.S. 48R). The suit is unaltered and in new condition. Shoulder 19.5" Chest 48" Sleeve 25.5" length 33"
Hey, Just wondering if anyone can tell me where I can get a decent price on a louis vuitton handbag for my wife? Is there any place that sells previous years models at reduced prices? Thanks for the help, Maurizio
Quote: Originally Posted by crazyquik Family law system is stacked against dudes anyway. Gibson is boned. I'm sure it's hard to "raise" 7 kids when you have a nearly-unlimited amount of resources for nannies, tutors, cooks, etc. Boo-hoo if he's away for months on end making movies. The only moms who have more help than Mel's wife were Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush, and Michelle Obama who have the entire White House staff and Secret Service at the...
Quote: Originally Posted by BrettChaotix yeah, the dude bounces around like a rubber ball but what I think he's saying is that man's interpretation involved excluding the gospels of other apostles (Nicodemus, etc...) and that without those added texts you really aren't getting the true word of god, you're getting man's manipulated version of it that leaves out content that would otherwise be pro-gay, pro-equality, pro-environment...
Quote: Originally Posted by BrettChaotix WARNING ALERT So last night I'm killing some time in the "politics" sub-section of the "events" section of Baltimore Craigslist and I came across these posts. At first I thought these were being recopied out of the Satanic Bible but the more I read them, the more I noticed references to recent news and I realized that this dude actually wrote this stuff himself (or is reposting). The all uppercase and...
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 Hmm. In the same post you ask what is the difference in quality and state that they are similar in quality. I meant they seem similiar to me. I was wondering if there is a difference that I am not seeing.
I was wondering what the difference in quality is between these two suits. HF Ltd. seems to get a bad wrap on this board but BB 1818 seem to be highly regarded.This seems strange since they seem to be similiar (to me) in quality, although HF Ltd. can usually found for much less than BB 1818.
Quote: Originally Posted by feynmix I don't think its the case anymore. Obviously, you need the basic math (calc, linear algebra) and some physics, but I dont think a BS in engineering is required. Take the GREs, apply to a bunch of programs, write a killer essay on why you are making the switch and how you can cut in the program, and I think you have a fairly good chance of getting in. I don't think this is the case at any reputable...
I agree with Fuuma. Anything other than workout/track pants would look odd.
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