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Price drop!
Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six ^Uh bullshit, a slimfit large tiger fleece measured 21.5 in the chest. Extra slim was around 20.75, I can only imagine xxslim being sub 20. Yup, it runs very small. Measurements are accurate. Lots of interest but no buyer yet. I'm accepting offers.
Bought from another SF member and is a bit small for me. In perfect condition, beautiful hoody. PRICE: $125>115>105>100 shipped Measurements: chest: 18" shoulder to sleeve end: 22" shoulder seam to seam: 16" collar to bottom: 25"
Never used it. Perfect condition. Bought from Bloomingdales a few years back and found it this morning when I was cleaning out my Cufflinks. Measurement is just over 2 1/4 inches $50>40>35 shipped and its yours
Quote: Originally Posted by dangoodbaum is there any length in the sleeve to let out? more than an inch and I might have to grab this lovely suit. There is exactly 1 inch to let out in the sleeve.
measurements added! yay Quote: Originally Posted by IBJanky 2 button? side vents? flat fron trousers? Some details and better pics would really help. myke 2 Button Double Vented Flat Front Sorry, I just assumed everyone knew what the Hugo Boss Pasolini/Movie Suit entailed
The title pretty much says it all. Name your price. All colors and styles considered. I'd want a classic fit small, or slim medium, or extra slim large. Thanks guys!
last drop. make offers honestly, this suit is in perfect condition and is only a few months old. its a great deal and you won't be disappointed
price drop. i want this gone
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