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Quote: Originally Posted by MisterGee I'm assuming the 9.5 is US. I wish they were 10.5. Good luck. Yes, but they run closer to a 10. I added the length measurement.
wow, that is incredible
Ordered them online, unfortunately my feet are a little too wide... so I can't wear them. Length of bottom of sole is 12 1/4 inches Here is the link Looking to recover most of my purchase, I got them for the sale price. SOLD
It is a kids size large, so fits similar to a slim men's small or a true x-small. Perfect condition, doesn't fit me. Price is $100>90>80>70 shipped Measurements: chest: 18" shoulder to sleeve end: 22" shoulder seam to seam: 16" collar to bottom: 25"
price droppppp
Look at Upper Queen Anne, that is probably my favorite area of Seattle besides where I live. Also, Fremont is full of people in their 20's. Mostly recent college grads, or some are still in College. First Hill can get a little sketchy, but if you stick with anything under 10th Ave you should be fine. Belltown has gone downhill in the past few years. Its not really full of hipsters, but mostly douchebags and old guys wearing Affliction and Robert Graham shirts trying to...
last price drop. shoot me an offer
Anooother price drop
Buyers backed out. Not sure why, soo price drop!
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