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Long shot, but figured one of you guys might have one laying around. Vintage crewneck Nike Air logo sweatshirt, any color. Size medium or Small. Thank you!
DROPS! Really looking to get rid of this stuff, shipping tomorrow morning.
Well, I'm clearing out my closet and getting rid of lots of stuff from the internship I did a long time ago. All offers are considered All prices include shipping Ties Left to right Tie 1: Alexander Olch (Brand new Retail $195) 40>30 shipped Tie 2: Robert Talbott SOLD Tie 3: Christian Dior 25>20 shipped Sport coat Brooks Brothers 37 Reg The inside breast pocket label states 37R and the exact measurements are as follows: the chest is 40 inches, from shoulder...
APC Selvedge Rescue True Waist Size: 33'' Length: 30.5'' SOLD or best offer
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS I unfortunately currently work in clothing sales. It's draw vs. commission. How can I put this delicately? IT FUCKING SUCKS BIG MONKEY BALLS If you would like to be on your feet 8 hours a day, like to clock in and out like a 1920's steel worker, don't like having access to a computer, don't like having a desk to leave your stuff in, like the inability to eat or drink at your discretion, don't want to use your...
Anooother price drop. Probably the last one. This is a crazy good price for such a nice hoody
Another price drop. Will ship tomorrow
Price drop.
Quote: Originally Posted by CaesarSTL When you say this, do you mean they run more narrow? Thanks! Jared, Yes, I'd say that's accurate.
Get her a snuggie... or a chia pet honestly though, we can't give any valuable advice because we don't know anything about her. If she's like most girls... She's always cold, so buy her some handwarmers She likes candy, buy her favorite candy If she likes you... Then quit being a pussy and ask her out! Dinner somewhere nice would be a fuckin relief for her if she's actually waiting around for you to man up.
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