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I have several pairs of sweats and hooded sweatshirts that i wont let go of. also lots of t-shirts that i wont get rid of, so i wear them to bed. my oldest items of clothing that i still wear are my Russell Athletic plain colored hoodies. They are just too comfortable to let go
What do I have to do in order to be able to post threads? Do I need a certain number of posts? Or do I have to be a member for a certain amount of time?
Hahahaha I love all these replies. But on a serious note.... Machine wash them cold, and hang dry them. Turn the jeans inside out before washing them. Its that simple. and NO don't wash them every time or else your jeans will last you like 3 months, haha wash them about every 15 wears
Well the brands I know of that fit smaller men would have to be: Ben Sherman Hugo Boss Diesel Energie Penguin Basically, any jeans and most shirts are going to need to be tailored in order to fit you correctly. Go to Nordstrom and they do a lot of free tailoring if you buy items at regular price. They also sell a very wide variety at with smaller sizes.
dark denim blazer shirt, not too busy or loud orrr dark denim vest shirt, again not too busy or loud
Just go to Sephora and ask a sales associate and describe what you're looking for. Sephora has inexpensive perfumes and a massive selection. My suggestions are Donna Karen and Michael Kors. Both are really good brand names, great smells, and not too flowery or overpowering
I just bought 3 Psycho Bunny Ties for my summer job, now its over. I can take pics if your interested. Just wondering how much you were willing to pay including shipping per tie? As you know they retail for 109 One of them is purple striped, Brown striped, and solid bright blue
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