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I have a Canali Milano blue blazer in a 38 reg. Pretty much matches those measurements you listed exactly. But I'd want around 250 for it. Lemme know and I'll post pics. Thanks!
Almost any model, tell me what you have. Thank you!
File a claim with paypal. Chances are.. he did it to other people too They'll reimburse you, just make a strong case for yourself.
Goodwill Hunting
Some Johnny Walker Black on the rocks
can't see them pics my dude
Some stuff sold, price drops
Quote: Originally Posted by imatlas I wouldn't worry about it, Seattle has a much larger gun aimed at her than we do. j/k, tonight I'm double checking my fresh water, canned food and gold bullion supplies. Gee, thanks for the reassurance. Shit.
Fuck PETA. Just because of this thread, I'm going to double the amount of animals I will eat this week.
The Pearl District in Portland is the only area that I'd live in. I see Portland as a smaller, cleaner, less-cultured version of Seattle. The downtown area is crammed into small blocks, so walking around is really easy. There aren't very many decent places to shop. The food is really good. There are a million strip clubs. And that pretty much sums it up. Not the worst place to live, but I'd hold out for a better job relocation.
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