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I'm selling both Black T2N406 and Brown T2N407 SOLD Here's the link...
Final drop before I give it to my nephew. Offers accepted
Quote: Originally Posted by slydids Is this closer to a 38 R? Edited original post, just remembered that my tailor actually took in the shoulders and re-did the armholes. So yes, it measures closer to a 38 R
price drop, another buyer backed out....
I have the classic white oxford PRL custom fit in a Medium. PM me if you want it.
one more drop, can ship by tomorrow
I think the buyer backed out, price drop. I wanna ship by tomorrow morning!
Here are the measurements Double vent, beautiful jacket. Shoulder to shoulder: 18'' Jacket Length: 31'' Sleeve Length: 24'' with 1.5 to let out Chest: 19'' Waist: 18'' The only alterations that I had done to the jacket are I had the sleeves shortened, and the jacket taken in. I also had the armholes and shoulders taken in a bit, which is why it measures more like a 38-39 SOLD
Poop Dollar!!!!!
I got $$$ and a new Macbook. And 4 years of college with no student loans. I'm grateful
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