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Outstanding! Every watch enthusiast should have one of these, it's just so classic and iconic. Congrats!
You guys are way too nice. Here was my father's response:I don't plan to rock the white myself . . . Mrs. TC requested it.
Here you go!
OEM strap and Panerai? Isn't that an oxymoron? ^^^That looks great!It's a cheapie I got off ebay, admittedly not the highest quality silicone. I hope it softens up a bit with wear, it's a little stiff out of the package. By the way, the OEM black silicone for deployant is $189 (without the clasp) from the gray market source. Aren't the rest of you TWATers going to give me more shyt about the white strap, or are you all just too polite?!
Yeah, so rubber strap.
You talked me into it, I'm going to do it. When its back on the rubber then Mrs. TC will wear it too, which is a good thing.Since my Sub isn't available to me now (sized for Mrs. TC), I've gotten a slight itch for a diver or 42mm ROO. But I should try not to get distracted and continue to focus on working toward a gold watch for my next piece. I'm really happy that you guys talked me into the 15400 over the 26320. The 15400 does perfect dress duty for my purposes--very...
Don't get me wrong, I really like the watch, I just haven't been wearing it very often because it's a little too big for suit wear and I've been rocking the hell out of my Big Pilot and 15400 on the evenings and weekends. I've been toying with the idea of putting the rubber strap back on, and that's when I sorta started itching for the diver. That AP bezel is really addictive. It's kind of a moot point, my 112 is dinged up enough that it's probably worth more to me than...
Lol, my goal is to add, not replace. The only watch I have in my collection that I would give up is the PAM 112 . Hmm I wonder what I could get for it on trade for an AP Diver . . .
Met up for drinks with one of my investment partners. I was wearing my Big Pilot, and he showed up wearing this, so we swapped for a bit. Definitely not something I thought I would like. It was the first Patek I have ever had on my wrist--a really magical experience. The weight of the platinum is nice, makes it feel very substantial for a modestly sized piece.
New Posts  All Forums: