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That is one really exquisite looking guitar, matt. Congrats.
Just be equally supportive of her hobbies and interests (meaning you also commit to spend at the same level to support hers as yours). I do get a lot of "another one?!" with the watches and guitars, which is annoying, so I just stopped telling her. I buy a card, write a nice note and put a check in it to her equal to the amount of what I spent.
This is something I plan to do at some point, I had heard the wait times were crazy.
+1. Looks great.
Yes, I love teles and have played them extensively--my dad has a few. These days almost all of my playing is rehearsing with my band or preparing for rehearsal, and for that I need to pick one guitar and stick with it (which is my #1, a CS 1960 Strat). So it's hard to think about buying more guitars when I barely play the ones I already got. But yes, at some point I would love to have a telecaster again.
Got it. I hope you find a good one sooner rather than later, you are far more patient than I. Good luck!
Same here. One thing we know from past experience is that the man certainly does his homework! I suppose I'm somewhat liberated by my ignorance--I just want a great playing and looking guitars.
LOL, I've actually never weighed mine, but I've worn it for 2-3 hours at a time and it has never bothered me at all.
Ah, well that does make some sense. Admittedly I haven't followed the market in a few years.
Yeah, I get it. I have read this over the years on The Gear Page, and I don't have any reason to believe that it's not true. I just personally wouldn't be confined to such an approach, because whether a guitar is great is mostly a subjective determination that you can only make once it's in your hands. Looks are important to me, but it's only part of the equation. When I was on a quest for a Historic, I played countless guitars over a several month period both locally...
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