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It's more a matter of convenience and safety for us--not worrying about parking and leaving the car somewhere, having the car there almost instantly when we're ready to leave, not dealing with multiple valets if we are going more than one place, and of course being able to have a few drinks.Takes one to know one! LOL
I'm not sure I consider myself wealthy, but FWIW we do have a driver and when we go out in the evenings we ride in the back. That said, the car really is an awesome driver's experience, and I enjoy it probably more from the front seat than the back.
Well then damn!! This should be fun.
^^^ BEAST!
^^ Is this the return of the IWC?
+1, really enjoyed the review.
Audis are nice and I like them at the 5 and 6 levels. At flagship they don't really compare IMHO. A lot of personal taste bias, admittedly.
You should be. You're an MB guy at heart. Stop Being such a pussy and man up!
We are--car is insane. I'm excited for you, it'll blow you away! We loved the W221 but this was a very surprising upgrade. Can't wait to see yours!
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