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I haven't tried it since the day I got the amp, but the best way I can describe it is harsh and unmitigated. At the time I couldn't imagine an application for it. I will give it another shot--haven't played the amp in a while as I'm playing the Vibrolux in my band.
I've tried it and did not find it appealing at all.
Here's a link to one that was for sale many years ago. I can't say this one is genuine either but it sure does look a lot like the one mimo posted.http://forums.watchnet.com/index.php?t=msg&th=13123&rid=0
Funny you mention that. The only significant scratch I have on my Royal Oak is from banging it against my Macbook when I was sliding it in my briefcase.
I'm probably a little more of a stress case around these issues than most of the guys here. I've learned to be careful and also have begun to accept that scratches are just part of the deal if you plan to actually wear and use the pieces. Also, some watches show scratches a lot more than others. Unfortunately the same brushed surfaces of the Royal Oak that provide its reflective brilliance are also very susceptible to scraches, so I tend to be very careful with that one...
^^^ outstanding. I want one of these so bad.
It never gets old!
All great advice. There was a MSRP increase in January that bumped up the grey market prices a bit. I think Stichy's number was pretty solid, at least from what I've heard from my dealer.
When I was looking in December, I found a 15300 for sale here locally and was really hoping I would love it because the price was right and I could have walked out of the store with it. I am a huge impulse buyer so believe me, if it was even close to acceptable I would have pulled the trigger. Unfortunately the 15300 just did not look or feel substantial enough on my wrist.However, most of the people on the AP forums make the opposite mistake, IMHO--buying the 15400 when...
You're in luck, I happen to be wearing it today.
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