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Gorgeous!! I've not seen that model before, it's quite impressive.My wife's first was a 36mm SS DJ, which is the smallest of anything I'd ever consider wearing, although I've never worn it. She still wears it from time to time but prefers larger watches these days. She's probably wearing this one the most:
The whole thing is fantastic but that strap really sets it off. Soooo nice.
Honorable mention. Especially because its NEGRA Modelo. LOL
This thread delivers. Took me 3 hours, but read the whole thing. Lots of epic posts, but this one was particularly clever:
Had to google images that one. Outstanding.
That's a sound approach and was historically my plan too. It had never been a problem until we started looking at the same damn watches!
Admittedly I'm very lucky--she never questions or objects to anything and she actually pushed me to get the DDII. The problem with having the ability to size watches is that would probably be a two-way street. She's pretty casual about wear and tear on watches to the point that I don't want her wearing my Royal Oak or my DDII (the Sub or Panny take a beating pretty well and those don't bother me as much). The patina after a year or two on the PCLs will be impressive,...
Haha well I suppose these wrist shots are getting a tad repetitive. I haven't worn anything else except my BP for a few hours last weekend.
Effing awesome! Incidentally Mrs. TC saw an ad for the BLNR on the back cover of Tennis Magazine and declared that she must kop. LOL Such an awesome watch.
+1! Unfortunately my wife fell in love with this one and barely lets me use it. Here's a pic from d-day.
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