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^^^ Great. That's one expensive hobby I haven't even dipped my toe into yet . . .
Is that shit for real?! I thought it was a satire.
Nice!!! My son not self driving. He apparently does know how to do it, unlike the rest of us.
^^^ very cool, congrats! Need some wrist shots of that!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Here's a little reunion photo. Dad (top), me (middle), brother (bottom). I actually purchased both of these Daytonas in 2006--the 116520 as a gift for my dad, and the 16520 for myself, which I later gifted to my brother. The 16520 just came back from a service and looks mintier than the day I got it.
Do want.
Congrats!!! Post pics when you can. I spent 3 hours self driving ours today too!
You've heard of the Rolling Stones?
Hey I think you just answered the question re the Land Cruiser and LX duplication. Amercans don't know how to be wealthy.
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