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It's interesting that the Lange is set to the exact same point in time in all of these pics.
Hahaha same here. My initial declaration was simply no cars or watches in 2015 but I like your more comprehensive approach. We should make some sorta pact. LolDefinitely not the only one! Sadly, I haven't worn my 15400 since I got the DDII. The novelty of the rose gold has not worn off as quickly as anticipated.
+1, that's a great pic!
^^^ Great. That's one expensive hobby I haven't even dipped my toe into yet . . .
Is that shit for real?! I thought it was a satire.
Nice!!! My son not self driving. He apparently does know how to do it, unlike the rest of us.
^^^ very cool, congrats! Need some wrist shots of that!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Here's a little reunion photo. Dad (top), me (middle), brother (bottom). I actually purchased both of these Daytonas in 2006--the 116520 as a gift for my dad, and the 16520 for myself, which I later gifted to my brother. The 16520 just came back from a service and looks mintier than the day I got it.
Do want.
Congrats!!! Post pics when you can. I spent 3 hours self driving ours today too!
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