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Very nice! I love the watch, the price is insane to me. Through the gray market, the SS ROC today would be a few g's less than than the new ROO Safari, and then as a bonus it comes with a bracelet. I find some of the ROO models to be interesting, most particularly the old and new Safaris, but at those prices there are a lot of other things I would rather have. I'm glad you had a chance to try out the 15400. I really do love it, to the point that I'll probably end up...
Everything guitar going on in that vid is outshadowed by the watch on the ballsack.
LOL awesome.
LOL No kidding, if you are a watch guy, it's definitely a holy shyt moment to see one in the wild. I've only ever seen two and they were really stunning in person.
The dude obviously went and procured a fake after the fact.
Very sorry for this setback, and best of luck in your next endeavor.
If anyone is looking to buy one of the new 42 mm AP Royal Oak Offshores, let me know--I've been offered some at pretty good prices. I'm really digging the new Safari but gonna pass as I'm saving up for something else . . .
Outstanding! Every watch enthusiast should have one of these, it's just so classic and iconic. Congrats!
You guys are way too nice. Here was my father's response:I don't plan to rock the white myself . . . Mrs. TC requested it.
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