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Cool! I've talked cars extensively with a few of you on TWAT but always glad to know there are more.
Thanks! Yes, I believe there are some special editions that feature an IWC clock and related upgraded trim. I don't believe there is anything special about this clock, but aesthetically it is kind of nice as the dash vents have a bit of a retro vibe now.
Okay, you were right . . .
Hahaha, you guys are good! S550. Cleav, I'm flattered that you peg me as an AMG guy. I would have loved it but my god the premium for that package . . . LOL Did go sport package and AMG 20" rims tho, as a consolation. LOL not sure how to take that . . .Anyway, sorry for the OT.
Sorry for the OT, but for my car buddies here . . . picked up this badboy yesterday afternoon. Anyone hazard a guess?
Well, that was a one time thing just to meet my gray dealer in person. But being a bit of an impulse buyer, this will create plenty of temptation.
@keith T! Am I to understand that the Z hath AP?!!!
I can't speak to Chicago, but personally, if you have an alterations tailor you trust I would skip the SS tailoring process for anything more than a simple pants hem. You may get lucky (I did on one occasion), but otherwise it's pretty hit or miss (mostly miss) in my experience.
Wow, this is very cool. I didn't know he had one of these in the collection . . .
Ehhhh, this is not a debate I want to start here, but the Custom Shop at Fender did that to my Strat, not me . . . I suppose it's not unlike people buying those distressed straps . . .
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