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Wow, this thread has been a little slow as of late but that is a crazy kop! Can't wait to hear more about it.
I may be the person here who understands this the best (maybe the second best). Great points!
LOLL Awesome! On my phone it wasn't clear exactly what was happening here.Timeless classic! Looking good.That's very cool.Casual today--denim, loafers, sweater and ragged shirt. Oh, and of course RG DDII! Happy friday everyone!
Haha, well, I wouldn't use the word "invest" too loosely. Investment grade watches are also very rare items. While my 2001 16610 Sub is worth more than I paid for it, that is a horrible ROI over 13 years!
I don't think the car analogy works too well. It may hold true for the initial depreciation hit if you buy your exotic/rare watch from an AD at a price much greater than in the gray market (not advocating one over the other, I have done both). But beyond that it's a whole different ballgame. With very few exceptions, cars will eventually depreciate to nominal value, if not zero. Most of us here own watches that we purchased new that are worth more today than when...
Wow that is soooo sick.
^^^ Beautiful shot!
ThanksI don't think I've ever come across a young lawyer with that good of taste.
Wow, beauty! I don't recall seeing that one before.
Haha thanks!
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