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I hate to discourage anyone from kopping a RO, it's such an awesome watch. I wore mine yesterday for the first time in a while--pictures just do not do it justice, it's brilliant in the metal. But for sports or very active daily wear, I don't think it makes a lot of sense. Unless of course you just really don't give a phuck, a la Frilly. LOL
I can't imagine wearing a Royal Oak swimming or for similar activities. Notwithstanding the water resistance, those brushed surfaces are very easily scratched/scuffed and it will require a trip back to AP to be properly polished. Just not worth the risk IMHO.
Getting caught up after a being gone a few days. I fully support gold.
Well please don't take my statement as any lack of enthusiasm for all ranges of watches posted and discussed here. I just find the AP/Patek etc. pics and discussion particularly interesting because I rarely encounter them outside of the forum.
LMFAO Are we seriously criticizing or questioning members for posting pics of their watches in a watch appreciation thread? I for one wish there were more pics, especially of the higher end pieces.
I have roughly 7.25" wrists and feel exactly the same way, except that I do wear the 46mm Big Pilot comfortably and while the case size is larger than the PAM, don't think it wears much larger if at all.
In other news, all packed up for a little watch geek lunch today . . .
Dangit Dino!!! Of course you have to kop the ONE watch that I've been mulling over this week. Congrats, buddy, you will wear that one very well!
Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but IIRC, you have not actually ever seen a 15400 in person, have you? This story may not have ended just yet . . . j/k I apprecaite the merits of each and am happy that you got the one that spoke to you the most.
Great shots stitch! I'm sure you are LOVING that piece. For the sake of comparison, since it gets asked here a lot, here are some dial shots of the 15400, where I think you can see some of the aspects of the metallic dial of the 15400 vs. the truer white dial of the 15300.
New Posts  All Forums: