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Oh man! Let the games begin!!!!
I'm going on record and saying I'm officially done for a couple years. . Well, assuming the new arrival is everything I hoped it would be.
Exciting, congrats. I'm looking at a week from today, best case scenario. Should be fun . . . as with many things, we could not have made more different choices. LOL
Awesome. What's the ETA on the watch(es)?
I'm a 15400 owner but admittedly it is a bit different aesthetic (which I happen to prefer). I certainly appreciate the provenance of the 15202 as well but the 15400 won out for me in the end, and with the leftover funds I purchased another watch.
The hoodie in question is cashmere, if that helps. LOL, thankfully the theater serves cocktails and does have table service.
Cat's out of the bag--sometimes I dress a little bit urban. Seriously, it's cold in there, and I like to conceal the fact that I'm wearing my earbuds so I don't look like a total spoil sport. If you've ever had to sit through something like Smurfs 2 you would understand.
Jeezus h I can't believe I keep taking the bait! LOL
Sounds like a reasonable enough plan. Have you tried on the Royal Oak recently?
I never set out to be a 1 watch kind of guy, but getting the RO sort of made me one as I never want to wear anything else. Actually, I did wear the BP once this week taking my kid to the movies on Saturday (jeans and a hoodie).
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