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Well, to be fair, he used the word "flashy" here, and not "blingy". LOL
If you're not comfortable wearing something, then no reason to hang onto it. And if you miss it, it's not hard to get another one. That said, I must have a very low sensitivity to flash as I don't think I could ever think of a stainless steel sports watch as flashy--PCLs or otherwise.
All these new acquisitions are great to see but driving me crazy. I feel like a teenager sitting here waiting for the phone to ring. Come on watch!!!
Nice addition and an outstanding trio for sure!!
You definitely need to try a Royal Oak at some point.
+1, great info. I had been very AP focused over the last couple of years but recently rekindled my passion for Rolex.
Outstanding!!! Congrats! You inspired me to text my AD. He said looking at about another week . . . I live vicariously through you today.
^^^ Explorer 1 all the way.
I understand that people get busy, but RFX45, you have made 4 unrelated posts since the teaser! Let's have it already!!!
New Posts  All Forums: