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Anyone have any experience with Jewelers Mutual insurance? I have self insured until now but with the collection growing it probably makes sense. They seem to be well regarded on the watch fora. I would prefer not to go through my homeowners insurance as I've had to switch 3 times in 4 years due to premium increases, and getting new appraisals etc. every year would be a PITA.
Is it cocktail hour already on the East Coast? Guess I am working rather late for a Friday . . .
I think what Foo had in mind was the more traditional business/dressy black shoes and black belt combo. I agree that a brown watch strap just doesn't work with that. I could imagine casual fits involving black shoes where the combo would not be as offensive, even though I probably would not do it myself. I don't recall Foo objecting to any other combination of shoe/strap or suggesting that those two should alwasy be coordinated.
I was planning to go 39mm until I finally got my hands on one. It was just too small for me and then once I saw the 15400 I really liked the more spacious dial (less of the porthole effect), in addition to the much heftier case.
I can't wait until my new watch arrives so that you can express your distaste for my entire collection. Wait, I don't believe I've seen you bash the 16610 Sub or the PAM112 yet. Thoughts? (lol all in good fun)
Kinda surprised you're not a 15300/15202 guy (purist).
That's gorgeous, so clean and balanced. Why didn't you consider that one in this round of acquisitions?
LOL, unfortunately I'm seldom on the receiving end of those. Well, looking forward to seeing it all assembled. In any event, I share your pain. This is day 11 of my "10 days to 2 weeks" delivery estimate. I woke up with a really good vibe that today would be the day. Hmm I wonder what time of day the store receives registered mail?
Ahh, I see. Brutal, especially into the weekend.
How does something like that happen?
New Posts  All Forums: