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I gave my brother my 16520 and after all this Daytona talk am considering asking for it back. It's probably so beat up now it probably looks pretty vintage! LOL
I do pizza when my wife invites her friends/industry people over--ensures that I won't have to leave the kitchen.
Love this.
Foo, I've found the perfect wah pedal for you.
I dunno, I would say that the nice box that the Royal Oak came in enhanced the my first AP experience. At least for the 10 minutes it was out before it went up on the shelf in the closet. LOL
It's fantastic, I just finished. Jeezus I spent the last 3 hours reading that. LMFAO Hell yes he's guilty! I can't believe so many people over there have any doubt about that.
Perfect. I've only read the first post and it delivers. Good timing as I have a couple hours to kill . . .
Alright, but if I relapse you're going to have that on your conscience.
I had to give up TGP because new shit kept inexplicably showing up at my house week after week. Come to think of it, same reason I gave up reading SF MC/CM. LOL
Wow that is pretty cool!
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