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Oh I do understand! Unfortunately I'm on day 17 of an estimated 2 week wait for delivery of my current grail. Feels like an eternity!
Outstanding. I remember fondly how infatuated I was with my white dialed Daytona when I first got it.
Customs. Is this the strap or the watch itself?
I've never been much of a VC fan but that one is a real beauty.
Okay, good. Glad you had a favorable resolution!
God I love this watch. By far my favorite GMT.
Did I read this completely wrong? I thought he said that VC confirmed the movement and case are a match and that the watch is legit? Maybe the previous service records were erroneous or forged, but a current full service by VC should bring the wach into good standing, no?
Hahaha, missed this earlier. The Hublot one is spot on IMHO!
Thanks, Keith. Sound advice. I'm so impatient. I'm that guy who goes in to order a car and ends up buying one off the lot. LOLTWATers who follow closely I'm sure know what it is. Thanks for the sympathy. LOL
Today marks exactly two weeks since I ordered the new piece. I got an update from the AD this morning that my watch was about to be shipped from NYC to him, so perhaps another week. From reading the watch fora, I understand they ship only via USPS registered mail, and that a week from NYC to Houston may be quite optimistic. I'm dying over here . . . LOL
New Posts  All Forums: