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Wow lots of great stuff in the last few pages. Congrats BH! Brax, let's have it!!!!
@piob, no comments on the new RR, I'm hurt! Lol. Hope you're doing well my friend.
Very cool! I actually went the other direction. Had 2 modern 911s before I decided I wanted to buy my childhood dream car and burn a pile of money. LOL The sad thing is that 911s don't really do it for me anymore.
Yes I'm sure! FWIW the pics I posted were taken before they had even taken the protective plastic off the interior. They did detail it and put it under a car-port for when I came back and picked it up. LOL What car is that?
This was my experience. A few thoughts:- You never want to park it in a public palce and leave it out of sight. I have come out of a restaurant/store to find people literally sitting on the car posing for photos. So this means you have to leave it in front where the valets can keep an eye on it. Usually with a good tip the valet will cooperate. Sometimes they just won't. After a a few times of going through this you realize it's just not worth the headaches and...
It's a tie at about 12 mpg. If the Benz did more highway miles I'm sure that number would improve but it rarely leaves the city. Also while the engine cutoff (in both cars) doesn't really bother me it's impractical when the weather is warm and humid because the AC performance is terrible when the engine is cut off.
This is my second full size but I didn't have any issues with my 2011 sport either. I think they've been pretty solid for a few years now.
I'm sure. 120 trouble free miles! The 2012 had zero issues, and anecdotally all of my friends habe been very pleased with the new one.
It's really a fantastic machine. 700 lbs lighter and more capable and a better driver than the predecessor. 510hp ain't bad either.
Probably not anytime soon, which is one of the reasons I went ahead and stepped up the truck game a bit. The simplicity and hassle-free bliss of having only two (warrantied) cars has not worn off yet. But you never know, I can be a bit impulsive.
New Posts  All Forums: