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I can attest to that . . .Of all of the cars I've owned, the F355 was the one I loved the most, and miss the least. LOL
Sold my Royal Oak 15400 . . . I had only worn it 3 times since I got the RG DDII. My broker was looking for a near mint one for one of his clients and offered almost what I paid for it--figured there was no reason to keep something around that I was not wearing at all.
I've had this one from Heiden for a couple of years and it has been great. It fits large watches well and it also runs on batteries, so you can put it anywhere.
As to the luxury SUV market, I completely understand the appeal of these vehicles. It is nice to be able to transport things around when you need to, and they are also great in floods or bad weather (which my part of the country has a lot of). The rest of the time it is just a very nice automobile to drive. What's not to like about all of that?They were phucking terrible and I just replaced them with Pirellis a month or so ago--night and day difference. If I had... The specs for the SC start on page 4.
I was being polite. I don't like the ride quality at all. 😀
Thanks guys! I had considered a G63 but the RR SC is so much nicer to drive. When this limited edition was announced in this particular configuration I knew it was the "one". Lol. So far so good.
The new beast! 2015 RR SC Limited. I'm going to spoiler the pics so as not to further muck up TWAT, but figured my car friends here might be interested. Cheers! [[SPOILER]]
I only had 3 hours of free time, and that was unplanned--couldn't take it anymore and bailed out on the Saturday afternoon "activity". Next time I'm up to socialize I will let you guys know.
No new watches lately, but I did get another clock . . .
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