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+1, that's a fantastic piece but you wear it especially well. Congrats again!
This week is one of those where you are definitely happy to have a truck in Houston. Lots of flooding. I got stuck with the Benz today so my mobility will be extremely limited. Have a great weekend, everyone!
Dude, you're killing me . . .
Love it! In fact, the chocolate dial would be my first choice.
Oddly enough I've only ever seen these on women. For some reason these Daytonas on strap just don't work for me, although I'm fine with the concept (in fact I love the rose gold AP RO and ROC on strap).
Man, I don't read this thread for a week and then there's a bunch of discussion of Houston. I didn't realize you had relocated here. Welcome, and I'm glad you enjoyed the rather mild summer as your first!I'm actually from here but always planned to return for all the reasons you mentioned. Another reason Houston gets a lot of hate is that most people who come here on business don't see the more appealing parts of the city.I can recall at least a half dozen times in...
NEVER! LollllIn addition to that I've noticed that the A/C isn't as effective when the engine cuts off--there's an immediate notable increase in humidity. Not cool (pun intended) in Houston.I was bitching about it when driving us around this weekend and my wife admitted that she only drives it in Sport mode and hadn't even tried it. lol That explains the gas mileage.Oh, and one other thing, I finally tried out the active parking assist. I'm sure we've all seen the...
That's a winner for sure!
How annoying is this ECO/engine cutoff nonsense in the new MBs? I can see offering it as an option but having it as a default that you must defeat every time you start the car is ridiculous. Who buys a car with 520 ft lbs torque to limp it around? LOL
LOL yes you did, a couple of times.
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