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Just catching up after a long break: 1. Holy shyt Stitch, 15300 in the Hizzy!!!! Congrats on that. I hope you are enjoying the RO experience. 2. Frilly, def feeling the solid YG sports rollies, but prefer the GMTs--check them out. I still may get one even tho I ended up deciding rose gold was what I needed most first.
I'm gonna pretend I didn't read that. Can't wait to order my next RR!
Yes, I had a 2011 Range Rover Sport and traded it for a 2012 Range Rover ful size. I probably would not buy a Sport again and I can't imagine not always owning a full size. The full size is a much, much nicer truck, with a much more elegant and timeless interior. The main reason for the switch is that my wife felt the Sport was really cramped inside for what a large car it was. The interior space and headroom is remarkably larger in the full size.
^^^ LOL. So true.
Thanks, I appreciate the advice. It hasn't been a big priority since I've been (self) driving it the past couple of weeks, but now that my wife has taken it back my son may ask about it again.
Okay, I'm kinda relieved (how do you not but your best technology in the flagship model?).Yes, the disc player is on the back of the front center console (part facing the back seats) under where the ac vents and climate controls are.Dude are you kidding me?!!! I know your time is worth something, and you've got a lot of it into this--just pull the trigger already!
You rang?
Wow, are you kidding me? Will look into that.My kid is obsessed with old school video games. You would think that for a 7 year old newer would always be cooler but I think he enjoys the simplicity of the older games. Re football in the front, I think that's the nav. LOL
Yes, there is an input (and my son uses it for gaming), but for the blu ray player, I'd rather have it integrated with the disc feed in the same place in the console where it is now.
I can't imagine they can get much further through the run of this model and not upgrade the DVD player. Thanks for the references!
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