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^^^ +1. One of my partners wears a green Milgauss often and it's very nice looking in person (moreso than the pictures, IMHO).
Well, I do try to pop in and post whenever I get something new in the hopes of moving the needle off the 0 for a few pages. My favorite is people who criticize your choice, preference or need for a particular vehilcle when they do not currently (or in some cases never have) own a vehicle at all.Interesting. One of the reasons I traded the sport in on the fullsize is that the I felt the interior space on the sport felt a little cramped relative to the overall proportions...
You know what I haven't had in a while? Big League Chew . . .
One thing I like most about my 112 is that it can be cleaned up pretty well with the cape cod cloth.
Not that I disagree with not selling, but I believe he is contemplating a 36mm DJ.
^^^ Haha, nice!
LOLL very true.
LOL so funny. It's part of my daily routine . . . every evening when I'm changing into my sleeping clothes I pick up the watch my wife wore that day from her dressing counter and put it on the winder so it will be running next time she decides to wear it.Last week I was SHOCKED when I noticed that the Panerai she was wearing was actually displaying the correct time (which means she not only wound it herself but bothered to actually set it). I wonder whom she was trying...
Why not just get a winder?
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