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That's pretty damn baller right there! LOL
That's more along the lines of what I had imagined. Thanks for the link.
I had always assumed the handle was a joke. If not, I have to say that is one hell of a wardrobe afforded from a very unique employment opportunity. lol
+1. Outstanding!! Congrats!
Sadly, I would say almost all of them. In fact, if I had confidence that I was being given an honest assessment of the wear and the repairs/parts needed, I would have said okay too. I don't mind paying a bit of a premium for the convenience of having the work done while I'm already in there for a service. Generally, I like getting the car serviced at the dealer because it gives me an excuse to check out the inventory and catch up with the sales managers. Hell, about...
UPDATEWell, the brake light came on in the Range Rover last week. This morning I dropped the truck off at the second place that horndog recommended. Super nice guys, very professional and courteous, and they gave me a ride to my office after drop off. I just got an email from the manager saying I needed rear brake pads and sensors, and nothing else. Rotors have plenty of life left and will last through the next pad change. Total cost out the door, $400. Land Rover...
+1, that's a fantastic piece but you wear it especially well. Congrats again!
This week is one of those where you are definitely happy to have a truck in Houston. Lots of flooding. I got stuck with the Benz today so my mobility will be extremely limited. Have a great weekend, everyone!
Dude, you're killing me . . .
Love it! In fact, the chocolate dial would be my first choice.
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