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Is this the 15oz. ones or the lighter weight version?
So you got the 40?
How much do these stretch? If I wore a size S in J Crew, would the 38 stretch out enough to wear comfortably? I read that sizing up was recommended.
Shit, the search continues, then…BTW, I'm at 5' 7", and although I'll wear a size S in J Crew, I don't think I have stick arms, was looking for a size 3, you think that's the right size?
I think this might have done it. I'll hold off until I see one in person then. I don't have stick arms, and all that I can find online of these things now are second-hand versions, so the chances of the bandanas ripping open are even higher. Where am I gonna get mud dyed bandanas in Bumblefuck NC?!Fucking awesome looking things, though.
See, now these things I don't get. Can't get into the whole no-button/belt thing.
Well there is that, of course. Living in NC, though, it's not too big of a problem. I'll just remember to never bring it over to CA when I visit. Also, I'm AZN, I don't know if that a point for or against my getting it…
The Visvim bandana/kerchief down jacket: worth it or not? I'm getting a little pre-occupied with finding one. Always found it interesting, but maybe a little/a lot busy. Now though, I think I can rock it. Anybody have any experience with it? How is possible that this is not gonna just let the down out? Is the bandana fabric sewn on another fabric? How't the sizing? Anybody wanna dissuade me from my hunt?
New Posts  All Forums: