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Can't identify most of them, actually. Care to enlighten? Most interested in the blue 6" moc toes as well as the yellow ones. Just got the green Kangatans myself, now I'm kicking myself because they just came out with an indigo version.
Is there any place in the US to buy Head Porter Plus outerwear? I don't know if I'm a L or XL in their duffle coats. Usually a S or M, but according to their measurements, these'd be too small. I'd really like to get a toggle coat, but I'd like the option to return it if it's the wrong size. Thanks.
I've got a navy wool Bedford, the one with one suede and one leather elbow patch, and removable buttons. Looking to trade for the heavier wool melton version (24 oz. I think) in the same size, plus cash, or for sale for $250-ish. Let me know you're interested in pics or measurements.
Take my money, already!
Tech start-up. It's all a gamble really, might as well gamble on yourself.
The leather on the newest edition of the jacket's probably the best I've seen. I don't like the addition of canvas, though, as well as the buttoning system.
The orange is actually a nod to the original painted hood on the jacket it draws inspiration from. Originally it's a really bright yellow, so that it'd be easier to spot it when the wearer was lost at sea (or elsewhere). This one's an overpainting, and it's supposed to peel off pretty easily, to give it a distressed look.So you think a size up would work for someone with slim jeans and even skinnier legs? That's part of what I'm debating with. Until I see it on, it's such...
This bad boy: Nigel Cabourn Coastal Command Jacket. Here's the dilemma: the line I've got is it's a size 50, with a 24" chest, 22.5" from the inside. I usually wear a size 38 and this is a size 50 (think that translates into a size 40 in US sizing). I've always liked military/military inspired leather jackets, and the shearling makes it really attractive to me, because I get cold easily in the winter, but, I could probably get an ANJ-4 (photo from lostworldsinc.com) or...
Thanks for confirming. I have a M in reserve in one of the stores, so I'll make sure to get that.
Anybody get the M. Nii sherpa jacket and can comment on the sizing? They only have the small online, which, in Gap tees, I fit, but from the measurements, look like they're too small.
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