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^True, it's an old RTW. It's actually going to become pockets on my next pair of cream flannels. I'm gradually phasing all my RTWs out as a make more shirts up, the trick is finding the time. I'm going to buy a buttonholer soon, which should knock 4 hours or so off each shirt.
You don't have to rip the side seam if there is sufficient seam allowance for your new seam. If not, and it's fine thread, and strong cloth, you can rip it by getting a start with the unpicking tool, and then just riipping it apart with your bare hands. Not recommended for a particularly nice shirt, though.This is right. Industrial flat-felled seams are done on a special machine that folds and stitches at the same time, wth a special post-type bobbin arrangement that...
I'm going to say that there are times when a contrasting milanaise is appropriate. I agree with the general sentiment that high contrast doesn't look great, but I've always liked contrast on tweeds (for example, when the contrasting colour picks up the overcheck in the cloth). Here's an experimental one I did yesterday - black on B/W birdseye, and thicker gimp than I usually use. I think the thick gimp is a bit of a miss unless on overcoats, but I'm glad I tried so that I...
Wish you had.
Every suit tends to look better than it is on a sharp pointy-shouldered mannequin. Unless the guy who wears that is 8 ft tall, it's not like you're going to see it from the "imposing looking upwards" angle like in the photo anyway.
Man that's some sharp photography for indoor low light to my untrained eyes...
Isn't fuscus python? The guy put a picture of the purported source in the listing:
BB does staple regimental stripes. Do you have white/blue, and red/blue? They're staples that go with anything.
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