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If you've ordered a CT grenadine recently, you may have noticed how much like a half-frozen sheet of puff pastry they resemble. Lightweight, with no drape whatsoever. Here's a little illustrated narrative demonstrating how to cut a CT grenadine's first life short, and give it a second life.You see that lump in the middle of the blade? Like playdough.At this point, having got the tie open, I realise why the tie's drape is so poor. The interlining is very lightweight, and...
Finished, just before the sun went down. I went ahead an finished it, because I'm going to need a warm suit for some interviews in the coming month. I need a haircut. [[SPOILER]] Did I do the button stance / wrap too wide? The buttons are 12.5 x 14cm apart. The pockets are only 1cm in from the front darts. I'd welcome any criticisms or comments on things I did wrong that so that I can try to improve them next time, especially around the messy back.I think it's well worth...
Boutique upholstery shop.
Don't know where you're finding 3oz linen - you know that's 90g/running metre, double width, right? Office paper is 80gsm = 120g/4oz double width. "Lightweight" cloth is 8oz/240g. And yes, it is truly 700g per running metre; I weighed the piece myself before I made it up. It is heavyweight, and yet runs cooler than 350g wool. Here is another pair:
700g (22oz). Linen. Pleats. Not hot. Very comfortable. Any questions?
For American shoes, AE and NOS Florsheim (before they were sold and started producing really crap cheap shoes) go all the way down to AAA width. Grenson's B width shoes are genuinely low volume and narrow for the correct size (though most people just see to size down and put up with a long toe box, it seems to me). Beware NOS Dexter; they're wide, and a "narrow" shoe tends to fit like a normal width one, so ask for sole dimensions. For some unisex casual shoes (eg Tevas)...
^I dislike macs, but to be fair, try posting an example of something with the same specs (including size and weight) for under $1.5K. You'll have a difficult time.
Dots not on knot area of blade?!
Sole dimensions?
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