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Fantastic thread. Thanks for so many detailed pictures.
It's something anyone who has done a few alterations should be able to do. Tailors more than capable of relining a tie. That said, there's no compensating for the crap graza fina silk that CT uses, and I'm not very tempted to buy anything more from CT. The pink garza grossa is passable, but still not quite as good as my other ones. I don't know which mill weaves the CT silk, and whether they have been instructed to use inferior yarn, but that tie is still behind all of...
... and ...... and ...I don't intend this in a mean way, but I think you're setting yourself up for an expensive lesson. That said, do try; a waist over 40" in men is a significant risk factor for diabetes and heart disease. Good luck.
Update with pictures of the other one I had to reline. This silk wasn't as nice when I got it off the interlining - very very scroopy, and no possibility of removing serecin because of the different coloured yarn in the weaving (black and navy warp/weft would look a bit "duller", and the white dots would become blue-grey dots). So I really wouldn't recommend buying any of the CT polka dots garza finas. Buttonhole stitch for bartack shown too.
Well, this sucks. Apparently the U-last isn't as narrow as internet rumor has it, and my narrow feet are slipping in these. Soles are 304mm by 103mm. $AUD410 shipped worldwide, or $380 shipped in Australia. Vass brown punchcaps, worn twice, then bought by me and tried on, and immediately put back in the mailing box with a large sigh of exasperation. Comes with lasted trees and dustbags, but not the original Vass box. $580 total and I'll throw in these monks, which...
Bartack is just a buttonhole stitch. The CT ones are the same, they just aren't taking the time to get a decent stitch density so the knots all line up nicely in a row. A bartack only takes three minutes or so anyway. I have another tie to do, so I'll post a photo showing the knot it a few days when I do it. Milanèses take far longer, and I do them in a manner similar to how jefferyd shows on his blog - unfortunately, that's one of the few things that went right with that...
Actually, I think the imperial units are always measured based on a density of cloth per running yard. You never quote oz per metre. The quick conversion factor oz/yd -> g/m is 31.Chris, the inlays/outlets down the CB seam are bound with some spare shirting. I always bind these two edges.
Thanks enormously for the excellent inventory of advice Chris. I was blind to all of those points, so having someone point them out to me helps enormously! You're great. For the seam allowances on the lapels, they're pinked. I have pressed them too hard, I think. The allowances are trimmed to about 2mm at the points; I just sewed them bluntly. Should they be more pointed? For an 11.5cm spacing, are the bottom 4 buttons typically in a square? I thought DB buttons went in a...
Er, I don't know what you mean. Do you mean the centre back seam? If so, that's not taped.
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