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Don't think anyone's mentioned carbon fibre. Mine are thin, flexible carbon fibre. I've been using the same $5 pair for a year and a half now, and they're still going good. Never a stay pocket sliced at the edge.
Got a picture of a "Flusser fold"? I'm having trouble imaging how this is different from all the other points-up folds.
^ Yes, it's not something that is beyond anyone with a sheet of fine sandpaper, a little brown dye, and some edge wax.
This shirt is awesome. Wouldn't be seen dead in the rest though.
That's one of the nicest renditions of a PL I've seen, but it really needs a less opaque edge paint.
^ About 1 in 10 paypal transactions turn out bad for me. Simply because everyone knows that you can sometimes get away with this behaviour, it tends to attract chiselling, etc. And half of all disputes are made exceptionally painful by paypal even after both parties come to an agreement (funds frozen for certain time periods, etc, "you must responds within 24 hrs or we will rule in the other party's favour...). As an incentive, I generally offer free shipping if paying by...
^But only provided that the lasts he chooses are of the same proportion as his feet. Consider the large number of sizing issues on the Vass U last, and the various rules of thumb of sizing up and down on that last (darker tree above, lighter is EG888). These largely stem from the high, forward positioning of the instep, and the low volume, narrow toe box - i.e. you need a high arch and small toes to fit it well. Most people don't have this combination, so they size up...
Navy grenadine. NOT a CT one!!! Charcoal and black knits.
^ Less prose, more cool pics. Please. My contribution: Maurice Druon
I thought I was a size 9, and they'd best suit a foot about 1cm (3/8") longer and 1cm wider than mine. So if my foot is 27.5cm long (10 7/8") and 9cm wide (3.5"), what does that make me? Edit: Well, apparently you're on the sizing issue based on the nominal size. I've updated the thread. I will say this though: If your foot isn't at least 28cm long, I think you're going to find these too long and wide. Shoe size chart
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