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This fellow is from the Scabal catalogue.
Just a friendly word to Sydney-siders that the herald is running a readership recruitment drive for their "Executive Style" marketing material, and the carrot is a Zenga MTM suit. If you're interested: http://comps.smh.com.au/f2Competitio...op:oct08:nov08
Mary from the Mondaitalia ebay store sells ascots for USD1.50. I've never bought one of her ascots, but her ties have been top-notch for their cost. At that price, you may as well get 10, and get free shipping! I say go for it.
I like the individuality of non-knit fine weave wool ties. They're more subtle, and serve to draw attention to the balance and quality of fabrics of your shirt/tie/jacket.
I know you probably like it, but I wish there were a law against pink ties. Get yourself a burgundy tie with some sort of paisley or chequered pattern on it. Maybe a burgundy plaid for the ebay outfit.
So what's the go with the blue, er, ... thing ... ?
I like monochromatic combinations. Your attention is diverted to the quality of the fabric and fit more so than with a lot of colour. It does mean you need to get your trousers & sleeves right, though!
I'm having trouble getting some actual hematite buttons. There are lots of beads, trinkets, etc out there (and even button covers), but no buttons - which surprises me, because I think they'd look stellar. Any leads?
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