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Often, from people who inherit tailors' and seamstresses' inventories and then liquidate them quickly.
Web. I pick up beautiful fabrics as the come up online occasionally. The trick is to only buy excellent fabrics at low prices, even if you won't have a suit made from them in the next couple of years. Otherwise, you are forever condemned to pay retail or even not be able to find the fabric you want when you finally decide that it's time for a new garment. $10-20 per metre works well for me. This only works if you are discerning in your taste, for if you acquire fabric...
1. I'd like to point out that "suit" has no "e". 2. Charcoal is a sure bet. 3. Much fine worsted wool fabric is still produced in English mills. That said, ... 4. You wouldn't say certain people make good friends because of their nationality; don't be too quick to judge a fabric by its nationality either. Many fine mills are English, but not all English mills are fine. 5. Sydney year round is difficult. It's 5 degrees in winter, and 25 and humid in summer (and when it...
Style is ultimately a subjective measure, governed by personal opinion. Formality is a trait of style, and thus also subjective. Blindly applying rules of thumb is akin to not seeing the wood for the trees. Stick your two jackets in question side by side - the answer will be obvious.
I don't have that problem, but there is a technique that I use in theatre to prevent the tie flying everywhere. Slip a small ceramic magnet in the tip, wear a ferrous belt buckle, and become proficient at tying your tie at the appropriate length.
(25,25,112) looks even closer to royal blue than it does to navy! Are you just using wikipedia's values? (Yes, I have tried wikipedia. If I were happy with those values, I wouldn't have posted here). I've generated a page referencing example blue/black mixes for members to provide their opinions. You'll have to imagine a worsted wool sheen yourselves:
^This describes the relationship approach to sales - and it's proven to be more of a win-win approach, in aggregate. There will be customers who receive good advice and who never buy, or mention the shop to their peers - but when the salesperson is good and genuinely cares about the building the relationship than closing a single transaction, more transactions naturally follow from repeat visits and referral. Peer review and referral is what forums that discuss consumer...
Anyone? The html code is: HTML Code:
Midnight blue.


What RGB value, on your LCD monitor, would roughly approximate midnight blue in ambient sunlight (ie in a room with a window open)? I've got it at rgb(0,2,30) at the moment - fair? Any ideas on direct sunlight?
Depends what sort of cognac. Kindly post me a bottle so I may be sure of my advice.
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