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Since we're cross-referencing sites, I hate the sack suit look. For a long time I read many adjectives, like comfortable, easy, generous, American, staple, etc, but all I see in pictures is fat guys in loose-fitting suits. I've never seen a person of thinner proportions wearing a dartless sack suit (or are sack suits allowed darts?). Andy waxes lyrical on the virtues of all his latest suits, and they're obviously well-made, but...
In current conditions, I am surprised that they're interviewing.
^ Exactly. I just posted that because it's the most well-proportioned sports car I've seen in ages, and I was so impressed that it's an Alfa of all makes.
Just make sure you don't sit through the interview on the crooked on the chair edge with a strange expression like that suit model does! Good luck.
For the record I just took out something orangey and food-like from a silk tie with water. Worked fine. Your drink was an apple-tini, not a bloody mary! I don't see what the fuss is about; that will come out easily.
Or just buy OTR shirts that fit in the first place?
TAYLOR, The "from" section on the mailing box: The postage, paid from Henley Beach, in South Australia, where the business is registered: The guy's signature, on the goods declaration: And, as a bonus, a free lesson in manners! Read carefully now... Let's say someone disagrees with your opinion of a tailor. This is a clothing-oriented forum, so you can expect that to happen a fair bit around here. You don't scream "LIAR! FRAUD! FAKE!". Try instead the following...
The stitching on the outside of the pocket isn't too flash. Here we have an ex-four button sleeve. It's a dark day, so the holes in the cloth aren't too apparent. I still wish he had read the request for 3 buttons first, before stitching and then unpicking. I think there is something wrong with his buttonhole machine. See trouser picture. My neck isn't crooked, so I wish the collar weren't. Felt under the collar would have also been nicer. Fabric...
New Posts  All Forums: