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Well, it's the shell and the sole that are really nice on these. The heel leaves a bit to be desired - it's not stacked leather but a shaped particle board block, and the heel doesn't sit flush against the ground. The front edge of the heel is 3mm "lower" than the back edge, and it's going to take a bit of walking around for it to wear down level. But other than that, can't complain at all. Really nice to look at from the top.
Impossibly nice shell on these derbies - sort of a mid brown with a deep red glow in sun (no idea what colour). Double sole, split welt, lasted trees too.
Yeah they do, but this trio came via a somewhat discounted third party, so didn't have them.
That's an afterward shot, actually. I'm doing it just to annoy you, Fritzl. Hope you're not losing any sleep over it. [[SPOILER]]
40.5. Also, I'd advise anyone thinking of sizing differently between U and F lasts to think again if you have narrow feet. This seems to be a phenomenon confined to those with normal width feet, and the U-Last is off limits for those with wide feet. If I were to re-order, I would go with 41 in both U and F lasts with my narrow feet. U last 41 in bordeaux shell.
^Agree, Fok. Just thinking aloud, you have a forum where people complain and praise service providers, manufacturers, and vendors. Discussion is open for all to view and participate in. If I want to tell everyone how AEs have low insteps or Dormeuil's great, it's easy, and others can offer their opinions on the matter. One of the greatest assets to this dialogue, in which some vendors participate, is collaborative transparency. People get the impression of ingenuous good...
It is a decent amount of effort. If you're referring to saving money, yes it's worth it if you're particular about how topys are applied. The way I walk, the topys wear at the toe too fast for my liking, and tend to come unstuck at the back. I can state from experience that the difference in effort is worth an extra 3 years' wear, so in that sense, it's sensible economy. And, there's a bit of an undercurrent of reluctance for any DIY maintenance around here, so I thought...
Whoever wrote that the U last gets more attractive and the F last gets stumpier as the size gets smaller may have been on to something. Anyway, Italian oxford in saddle shell, F-last.
Necro-bump. Searched and it seems like this is the most relevant place to put these pics. S, here's how I Topy my shoes - this works for me (4-5 years before getting close to worn through, no delamination). No guarantees about the performance with other people's shoes and gaits (eg I can understand how this would not be a good idea for people who stub their toes frequently). Vass saddle Italian oxford. I really love shell. Even in black, I can't think of a single...
I go sightly smaller because they stretch out to normal size after two weeks. The ones that fit new end up saggy.
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