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Faites gaffe. Les témoignages de Ebay ne compte pour rien. The only thing you can generally do is order their cheapest offering, and inspect the quality of the sewing before deciding to throw more money at them.
Swimming. Seriously. Squares up the shoulders and straightens posture without the bulky hunched-shoulder look that you get at the gym from concentrating too much on the pec-deck. Healthier than most alternatives, too.
Yep, on motorcycle, or onstage at a glam rock concert, as a member of the main act. Can't see them happening anywhere else.
You're a little scanty on the details. Let me get this straight: 1. He pays you a percentage of the goods' value in advance. 2. He pays you the forwarding postage cost in advance 3. He pays for the goods, and they are delivered to you 4. You post them to him, and keep the hard-earned money ... ... and you haven't yet asked yourself "doesn't this sound a little too good and easy to be true?"
Sounds good. I think in Australia they have vocational training (called TAFE), and formalised apprenticeships. An apprenticeship is obviously a better way to go, since the Australian textile industry is limited and TAFE must cater courses to what will likely be an employable skill set. Manolo Blahnik supposedly has no formal training either. "The cloakroom" makes me think of cloaks, and overcoats. Which would obviously never be worn much in Brisbane. I like the use of...
So you'd be talking about Joe, from Canada, then?
This one goes lighter: This one goes darker: I'm inclined to prefer the second.
Since we're cross-referencing sites, I hate the sack suit look. For a long time I read many adjectives, like comfortable, easy, generous, American, staple, etc, but all I see in pictures is fat guys in loose-fitting suits. I've never seen a person of thinner proportions wearing a dartless sack suit (or are sack suits allowed darts?). Andy waxes lyrical on the virtues of all his latest suits, and they're obviously well-made, but...
In current conditions, I am surprised that they're interviewing.
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