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Quote: Originally Posted by Shikar Nice. Don't know how unusual you want to go, but this is 60mm ... might not go too well with anything other than neoprene though.
C-suite being CEO, CFO, COO, etc.
Sounds like you live in Brisbane/Sydney or somewhere similar (based on you using metric temperature). You can't be seriously considering wearing a jacket when it gets over 30? Especially on costal cities where it is humid. There's nothing stylish about sweat dripping down your collar, and huge sweat patches on your underarms/back.
Just ignore the super numbers. It's more important to get the colour, weight, and weave right. Navy's fine, but you haven't said what the suit's for, so no-one can advise you on the weight. And get a weave with a little interest to it, such as a fine twill.
Quote: Originally Posted by norton Don't even get me started on narrow shoe sizes. Until I discover Aldens I could never get a pair that fit right. Now I can but its always special order so I can never try them on ahead of time. Has anyone noticed that no one stocks men's narrow shoe sizes? Yep. I get around this by looking for shoes with really long, pointy lasts, and then sizing down 2 to 3 european sizes. That way, I get the width...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nicola Endos and Ectos because of how they gain weight are more at risk to health problems. Mesos gaining weight don't tend to pack it on the belly area in the same ways. I doubt that mesomorphic figures would have any health advantage over other body types if they gained an unhealthy level of body fat. Indeed, while ectomorphs have to work to maintain significant muscle mass, mesomorphs must work to maintain the...
Navy suit, white shirt, black oxfords, black/silver tie, and white pocket square. Personal favourite! For example: Or other ideas:
I frequently do this. I like my squares on the small side, and thrift a fair few ties on Ebay. About 20% of the time, the ties turn out disappointing for one reason or another, but the fabric is still promising, so I get the shears out, and turn the tie into a PS. I'll also keep the better linings to make into new ties with some of my other offcuts. Ditto for shirts.
Across the chest.
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