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I think it looks fairly ridiculous. Additionally, you can't wear a pratt knot with that because the tie is exposed at the sides of the knot.
No experience with that particular one. Can't see the weave properly, either - resembles a twill? Always remember that with cashmere, it'll feel great between the fingers when it's on the bolt, but it's how it feels and looks across the body that counts. You're not going to spend much time fingering your jacket, are you?
Quote: Originally Posted by danielvh I'm starting to think that the best idea is to get one of the cheaper Rolex watches (I think the Milgauss is my favourite) and then a second dressier watch as well with the change, and get a nice watch case that would hold both of them. What do you guys think of this idea? So, I think the Milgauss has a list price of US$5900 leaving about US$10000 or so to spend on another. I'd say no to a milgauss,...
No advice about the suits (other than that they should have a lounge suit each, right? And they're not such a bad choice) - but hit CTRL + '+' a few times when you forget your glasses. Or CTRL and then the scroll wheel on your mouse.
On the occasions I've picked up copies, I have found them to be mostly ads. The articles aren't that well researched either. Agree that forums are generally more accurate, more stylish, and less fashionable. Except that trend around here for jackets that look an inch too short...
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy ^ no Deep Sea yet? You could pick up this one for a mere $179,980
Or Bit more tasteful?
There you go. (Funny how people will go nuts over spectators and the other sort of nuts over these boots)
Take it to a tanner and let it become your replacement pair.
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