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Quote: Originally Posted by I. Gentantithesis Apropos of one's free range organic grass fed humanely euthanized calf skin kicks' uppers. Have you ascertained no jojobas or bees were harmed or displaced in the harvesting of the essential emollients and that the dyes are of organic roots, flowers, nettles or lichen hand gathered by soft fingered Unionized urchins reflecting an ethnically balanced cross section of the indigenous peoples of the particular...
Great, thanks Marcell.
There is a bottier near Rue d'Aubuisson in Toulouse (not Gaillac), and I can't seem to find him by street view, nor does he seem to have a website. Does anyone have the name and address?
Quote: Originally Posted by b3n84 I'll be wearing the suit mostly for business occasions (work). It will be a 3-piece and since I am in Singapore, probably something made of light fabric. Something sharp and modern of black fabric. Unless you're familiar with all the arguments against black suits, I'd recommend you keep reading for a while before placing an order...
I think a symmetrical toe goes a long way with tiled leathers. Some of those lasts are curvy and look a bit odd with the straight lines of the scales. Alas, not mine...
Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu nope, nope, nope. I've always found this style too low at the toes, and the heel too small. It looks feminine because of the proportions, not because it doesn't have laces. The Sinatra bespokes do it right.
Shoemaking supplies generally isn't a retail business. Therefore, you need to contact wholesalers or convince cobblers to sell you shoemaking equipment.
Quote: Originally Posted by chermy23 Since fall is approaching quickly, in Oct/Nov sometimes I like to wear a North Face Fleece. However my 2 best friends also do the same, and when 3 guys show up anywhere wearing the same brand i don't have to tell you how dumb it looks. Any alternatives?? The obvious answer is to buy something without a logo on it. Probably the stylish answer, too.
Get rid of it the same way I get it off my leather shoe soles: scrub it off with a damp toothbrush (wipe the majority off with a damp cloth first to avoid spraying spores everywhere). It happens a fair bit to leather goods in somewhat humid environments. I then give it a quick wipe with a little vinegar to stop regrowth.
It's probably mold.
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