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In relation to converting reverse to forward-facing pleats: Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum That should be easy enough. Just take the waist-band off, reverse the pleats, then put it back on again. This is not entirely correct. You can often get away with it , but on a deep pleat with a narrow waist, it would serve to push the pleats onto the pocket, as well as ruin the crease line on the front of the trousers. The other...
^^Was that guy Andy Gilchrist?
Yeah, the balance problem is making the hips appear larger than the chest. That and your shoulders/chest do not appear so structured in this jacket. Foofy's adjustment is much improved, but you should note that you're not built like those huntsman jackets. Your shoulders and chest are not as broad relative to your hips, and your tailor can only flatter what you have, not give you what you don't. Also, huntsman quarters are cut at more of an "angle" than a "curve" from the...
A while ago, someone took an AA illustration to their tailor, and commissioned themselves a suit. I remember that it was a black and white/grey one with a large herringbone - around 5cm/2inches wide, I think. The bespeaker expressed a little dissatisfaction, believing that the photo was more inspiring than the reality of the comission. They posted a picture of the AA illustration, and a few photos of the finished suit. Try as I might, I simply cannot find the thread....
If you want to see those sorts of machines in action, check out Alexey Voevoda training on youtube. World champion arm wrestler, and silver medallist in the winter olympics bobsleigh. Forearms are also pretty durn useful if you ever have to do any lifting things that don't have bars attached.
Quote: Originally Posted by Exit English So you decided to join in to the Hugo Boss thread by starting a whole new thread? Why didnt you just sign up and then reply in that thread? Im just so confused. Were you dropped on your head as a baby? I actually laughed aloud after reading these.
Take a look at the big smooth piece of leather that backs a leather couch next time you're in a furniture store.
No, box calf is full grain, named back in the day due to the grain shape formed by the tanning process. These days it just seems to be used to describe full grain, fine, shiney calf.
Quote: Originally Posted by I. Gentantithesis Apropos of one's free range organic grass fed humanely euthanized calf skin kicks' uppers. Have you ascertained no jojobas or bees were harmed or displaced in the harvesting of the essential emollients and that the dyes are of organic roots, flowers, nettles or lichen hand gathered by soft fingered Unionized urchins reflecting an ethnically balanced cross section of the indigenous peoples of the particular...
Great, thanks Marcell.
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