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I've seen a length of cloth like on Roger described as french blue.
Quote: Originally Posted by Benjamin E. Why would forward pleats be harder? The direction of the pleat can easily be changed and thus its direction shouldn't have any bearing on the difficulty of this operation. If you mean that it's harder to bring oneself to ruin a pair of forward pleated pants like that, then I'm in total agreement. Wrong. And they say blokes have spatial intelligence! You want your pleat edges to end up at a certain...
Quote: Originally Posted by Andrie In regional areas goods and services tend to be much cheaper than in major cities such as Sydney. Buying property out of big cities is significantly cheaper... False, and irrelevant. $50K isn't even going to get you kennel.
^ You have to have some angle when writing these articles. Man-bashing sells, and has been selling well for the last two decades. I don't mind it - makes people less likely to anticipate you sailing past with a big grin on your face.
I've never been in a situation where I had a "must have" skill set. (i.e. someone is going to have big problems if they don't fill the role and they're having a hard time getting any quality prospects). So, I've generally had to put up with what I've been offered. In my experience, letting them name a range first generally yields 75-105% of market value, and then they try to appoint at the 90% salary mark and expect you to feel pleased that you were in the upper half of...
Weigh the trousers. There isn't much variation in trimmings in RTW.
I read the French document. Haven't looked at the English one. I have not read a section that states not to wash or iron your shirts yourself. The document does give this advice in regard to the UBS-issue tie, though. Most of those articles are just journalists latching on to a good story and turning it into a joke. It really is an innocuous presentation guide that, sadly, is necessary these days. You would think "don't wear miniskirts if you work in retail banking"...
If it's got to be a day date, here's an instant improvement (Get rid of the jewels on the face): These seem to be staples:
To fix those buttonholes, I'd just read Jeffrey's tutorial, get some gimp and silk twist, and put them in yourself. Do 10-15 on some practice cloth first (this should cost you $20 in materials and five hours). In effect, they're serged (badly), but unworked - as yet. You can still save this one so that it looks passable. PS that's a nice birdseye. I have a length of 400 gram B/W myself that I'm waiting to make up.
Quick tip: Your pins can go the other way (horizontally), and you can just sew over them, removing them once you have done the entire seam. Edit: Also stops the cloth moving around so much as it gets fed through the presser foot (the top tends to feed less than the bottom, because the feed dogs grab the bottom better whereas the top slips slightly against the bottom layer.
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