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Click for large sizeThe difference the 1cm change in neckpoint makes is amazing. Suddenly, the collar hugs tightly, but almost all the other seams need to find a different natural position, and the scye needs a lot of work after that. It's taken me ages to understand most of the implications of changing the neck point, and it's been very instructive. (And time consuming. I've done heaps of rebastes that looked rubbish.)I'm pretty much out of inlay at the side of the fronts...
Actually, that post is taken from the C&T forum, and that buttonhole took an hour. He is a surgery student, and used a normal needle & gimp for these. That, and J's examples, show what happens when you get even stitches and the right harmony of gimp and twist thickness all happening at the same time.Yes. Hobbyist.
Chris, you're phenomenally patient and diligent in keeping this thread current. Really, sincerely appreciated; I'm learning lots from the critiques. Images are clickable for large versions. My impressions: Left sleeve rotated (but I haven't really done anything to the sleeves, since the body still has a fair few issues. Right shoulder lower, need to correct for this Fronts caving together, short front balance Wrinkles in back; back too long at waist area Whole jacket...
I always thought this was a weight "range" that depended on humidity and the moisture content that the cloth was carrying, hence you could expect the weight to be in that range? (Given that they all seem to quote between 30g, i.e. one ounce, which is a variable percentage depending on the cloth weight).
AE Byron.
Ah well, good to know they fit some people well. What width AE shoe do you wear?I can't get over this rationale though - width is supposed to reflect the width at the ball of the foot, not the instep height. This is the gap I'm talking about (on the tan shoe).
However, all of the pictures of oxfords in this thread exhibit the same laces gap, so I can't believe Americans have sufficiently low insteps to justify this last shape. And the thing that originally attracted me to AEs was the wide availability of narrower widths. I guess AEs just don't suit me.Not trying to argue, just expressing a little frustration. Hrmph. Anyway, here are my Chesters (in B width).
^Agree 100%. I've never gotten over the babysitting stigma of the internship. You could work through the logic with some numbers. Assuming top schools: American 2 year program: $150K (?), 2 years' forgone salary, one internship. Potentially increased possibility of being employed post graduation due to internship (by companies that only hire prior interns) American 1 year program: $100K (?) 1 year's forgone salary, no internship. Potentially getting increased feet in...
What's with the low instep on AEs? Got my first couple of pairs in the post, both oxfords, both with large lace gaps when I put them on. I do an image search on this thread, and everyone else who wears oxfords seems to have the same problem: the laces don't come anywhere near to closing at the top. It's only now that I've seen them in person that I have paid attention to the arch area of their lasts - every single last seems to have a really low instep? Surely they can't...
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