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Viccel is now selling (producing?) shirtings. Anyone tried them? Double width, prices a little under italian fare. This one looks fun:
+30 = 44172. Feel like a wuss compared to everyone slamming out 100+ each day. Although the first 10 were those pullups where you take the bar to your waist...
^Can't see any real threads for the deluge of spam right now. Sweet mercy someone pass that man the button already.
Black garza grossa $20 CONUS. Stumbled on this, but already have one.
I used to have a job where I could disappear at around noon before the lunchtime rush and do it all then. Was very awesome.
You're doing something wrong if your cuff flaps open. Post pics.
^That's sewn with a very fine thread! Interesting.Yeah, I'm a little scared to go down this path. I fear it may be a slippery slope (although you would say the same thing about milanèse buttonholes, I suppose). I already have an idea on how to reduce the time it takes with stripped twist though! I find it interesting how much I appreciate the 3-button cuff aesthetic now that I'm doing them myself
Fresh off the Reece machine.
Awesome, I'll try to implement what I can. Looking at everyone else's RTW/MTM side shots, I can see what you're talking about with the displacement of the shoulder seam. Thanks guys, you're great!PS this will probably be my last coat for a little while. I was admitted to business school last week, and have about 3 months to move cities and then move overseas (after which life will be extremely busy).
Then you really want to do a little searching around here for that name before handing over any money. You may be surprised at what you find.
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