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Quote: Originally Posted by kwoyeu ^rolwaaat!!!?!!! how do you kop stuff then i'd imagine most places don't ship to china Quote: Originally Posted by poly800rock they have uniqlo in china lol I can't judge ss11 +J until I see the full collection.
I regret selling my Ervell rust shirts both copper and green. Finally thought of some ways they'll fit into my wardrobe..
Quote: Originally Posted by ghostbusters101 snow in ny +j BoO apc tretorn I like this. I'm guessing it's just the angle that's making the shoes look huge?
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus I just took pics and measurements of a bunch of stuff I never wear anymore and was excited to make a sale thread and clear closet space only to remember I live in Korea and shipping is probably insane to the point that shipping would cost more than the actual stuff I sell Really? Isn't EMS shipping cheaper in Korea than just about anywhere else in the world?
in White. Not quite sure it'll fit though.
shame this isn't my size
price drop
Jesus Christ..
Quote: Originally Posted by PinkPantser jcrew, ervell, r+b, alden, old man posture quoted again for awesomeness
^ Really didn't expect anything different from GQ tbh..
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