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Dang, I hope it's just an error on the website and some CPs come on sale once again.
I realize more and more that this is one of the items I MUST have for this fall/winter.
Yeah, there's a bunch of other stuff on sale as well on Revolve.
I second on the opinion that SoG stuff are pretty mediocre quality. I bought one of their button-down shirts, but honestly, same kinds of shirts from local malls are constructed more tightly and finely than the SoG shirts. And for their price, it looks awkwardly cheap. But I do like their fit, though. I just hope it was better made.
Wow, it's almost 9PM on Sunday of October 26th, and the code is still working. This is not helping me at all to save money and is seriously tempting me into buying those CP Training Boots that you can mysteriously apply the coupon to. Haha, someone please snap me back into reality.
Wow, the coupons do work on CPs. I'm really tempted to buy those leather training boots!!
I got one in the e-mail today. PM me if anyone wants it!
Yesterday, I bought a B.Son pullover from Context. Will post pictures as soon as it arrives.
Yeah, it's one-time use for sure. If you try to apply it, it says "Its maximum use has been reached." Too bad I didn't get one in the e-mail. And apparently some people have gotten $100 off $200 and $150 off $300 as well.
New Posts  All Forums: