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http://www.projectno8.com/products/u...ail?category=8 Someone cop this
Kudos for threads like this.
Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewRyanWallace I recently discovered the same thing. Assumed I was just a 4 in Schneider everything. Turns out, I'm a 4 in shirting, anywhere between a 4 and a 6 in knits, usually a 5 in blazers, 4-5 in outerwear. WTF. Hmm.. you guys must have oddly-shaped bodies. I size up or stay TTS for blazers, size down for trousers. Outerwear and knits I'm consistent.
Quote: Originally Posted by jslade God damn, Junya looks fantastic this season. Man, he doesnt disappoint. Would buy at least 10 or more things if I had the money
Schneider lookbooks/presentations always leave something to be desired. As many have said, everything changes once you handle the items. Personally his F/W collections are much much better than his SS ones, but I don't think this should considered a step below from his previous works. The jackets look great as well as the scarves (they always do).
Ervell trousers are a steal
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