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Kudos for threads like this.
Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewRyanWallace I recently discovered the same thing. Assumed I was just a 4 in Schneider everything. Turns out, I'm a 4 in shirting, anywhere between a 4 and a 6 in knits, usually a 5 in blazers, 4-5 in outerwear. WTF. Hmm.. you guys must have oddly-shaped bodies. I size up or stay TTS for blazers, size down for trousers. Outerwear and knits I'm consistent.
Quote: Originally Posted by jslade God damn, Junya looks fantastic this season. Man, he doesnt disappoint. Would buy at least 10 or more things if I had the money
Schneider lookbooks/presentations always leave something to be desired. As many have said, everything changes once you handle the items. Personally his F/W collections are much much better than his SS ones, but I don't think this should considered a step below from his previous works. The jackets look great as well as the scarves (they always do).
Ervell trousers are a steal
Quote: Originally Posted by sipang Thx. Will keep my eyes open, something is telling me the easter bunny might bring us some new goodness Please count me in as another person who would love to buy some Schneider items. Shame I missed out on when you had all those Schneider stuff for sale. And I should have bought that cardi from you when I had the chance.
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