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bump for a very helpful member and great items
Quote: Originally Posted by delakingois I'm glad I didn't buy the cadet jacket this fall when I see this. Contrast collar. Yeah, love the little details like that. I really want the hidden placket white oxford or broadcloth shirt. And the belts and the straps on the backpacks are made from pony hair. :love:
Click for High-Res pics
^ Oh no you didn't. And if you're going to sell, sell it for a lot more than that!!
I'll have hi-res pics for you guys shortly. Great discussion of this collection going on at sufu btw. Personally this is his best since FW08. There's no gimmicks. Everything looks like something I can wear 10 years from now. Quote: Originally Posted by lmaozedong but i honestly dont understand the point of putting it on a runway.. there's always like 5-6 statement pieces that won't get produced anyway but otherwise the whole thing looks completely...
Would kill for Ervell jumpsuit. Hmm.. should we create a seperate thread for Ervell?
Quote: Originally Posted by bakatora first rick. shoutout to kunk for value and sizing advice! I got my first RO piece recently and it really makes me want to buy more.
^ Not really sure about DBSS. I feel like you could do better with what you're paying for Quote: Originally Posted by nicelynice need it for winter, just worried I'd be the stay-puft dude The jacket in question!! Yes to this
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