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It's size IV. Updated pics without fur collar.
actually it's better to wear black instead of white.
ervell X cp
i like that color on yang li
what's up with tres bien? did they drop brands like marni, dvn, margiela for ss15? or are they just slow to upload stuff on the web?
lose some weight and cop away!no seriously i really need to get this jacket off my hands. it really deserves a better home
has anyone tried to order from their antwerp shop directly?
wow david, those are amazing fits. really like how you mix up different items.
Uniqlo +J charcoal wool suit Fall 2010 Size 36 Trousers are brand new and were never worn. Blazer has been worn approximately 5 times. In excellent condition. Both items will come with tags and spare buttons. *The last picture of a different +J jacket from that collection was included because it was the best representation of the actual color blazer (tag size Japanese Medium) shoulder: 41cm / 16.1 in chest: 46cm / 18.1 in sleeves: 61cm / 24 in length: 69cm / 27.2...
^ yeah that's pretty cool. i also want that tech coach jacket or hoodie. been killing myself since not buying some of the great stuff from 'no service' collection. can't afford to make that mistake again
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