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I heard about Fields and called for prices....all I can say is Holy Crap he's expensive. I wanted to get a sportcoat tailored and he wanted $60 to shorten sleeves and $20 per button. It would have run me $220 before he even touched the body of the jacket. I have had good luck taking some pieces into the Zegna boutique in Tysons II for work. They are about half the price of Fields.
not a big fan of the two tone. I would do all stainless before I did the two tone.
I much prefer brown shoes with navy over black shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 Junk. your $
I have yet to find them on sale except for the EG's that were heavily discounted at Polo.
Big fan of the woodlore Epic knockoffs from Costco...price can't be beat.
Quote: Originally Posted by Raymondleigh3268 What Car To You Have .. Do you mean what car do you have? Well, a Pinto....isn't that the official style forum mode of transportation?
I had a money suit by GANT in 7th grade....needless to say I was the cock of the walk!!
Quote: Originally Posted by tsaltzma What if you wear evenly? Then your not human
I have worked in high-end mens stores, and there are some good tailors in house. The problem is the volume of work they have to complete. They are expected to run around the store all day and take quick measurements, while at the same time tailor garments. They are under serious time constraints and expected to work quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately these two things often times do not yield the best results. Bottom line, I think you want to find someone that can take...
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