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Price drop. $450.. This is a steal
I respect you. I have no advice, but this sounds awesome. I'd like to do it myself one day.
I just registered and bought a shirt. Wanna see how fit is before I order more.
Lol try more like low 30,000s. Chase bank in particular sucks. My girl is a personal banker, horrible job. Shitty pay and even when you get promoted to assistant manager your still only pulling mid 30s. The job sucks. All they do is pressure you to get accounts and use shady tactics. Stay away.
Price drop. 375 -> 350.
Price drop. 600 -> 500.
Price drop.
It is every man's dream come true
This has been hanging in my closest since last time I tried to sell it. Wanted to keep it thinking I would use it, but I have too many coats. My loss is your gain. 3sixteen Duffel Coat in size large. Color grey. I have too many coats, so not worn too often. In near perfect condition. Retailed for $450 if I recall correctly. PM me. From 3sixteen: Our duffel coat is crafted of a heavyweight wool fabric and is completely lined the light grey wool has subtle color speckling...
In size large. Only hand washed & air dried. Measurements below. PM me. "Epaulet proudly presents our in-house collection. Entitled "Small Batch Shirting," each piece is handcrafted in the United States of beautiful premium fabrics. Our standard slim-fit shirt, made up with a in a lightweight Japanese madras fabric and given our classic button-down collar. This crisp, yet breathable fabric has a substantial feel, while remaining light and airy at the same time. The...
New Posts  All Forums: