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No, if you knew this guy, you would know he's totally fucked. Dude used to get so fucked up all the time I thought he'd be dead by now. He quit doing drugs, but now he's addicted to World of Warcraft
It will be interesting to say the least.
A friend on Facebook posted that he is having a baby. Here is what he said regarding this matter... "I'm ready, yeah i might not have my G.E.D, yeah I'm 23 and i have never driven a car or have had a license. I have never had a job in my entire life. but no need to dwell on the past it;s time to step up and be a hard honest working man for my family. and I'm taking things one step at a time so it doesn't stress me out." Yep, that really happened.
Happiness is priceless
I work 50-70 hours a week regularly in public accounting and have a 2 hour round trip commute. I want to shoot myself.
20 hours a week?! Damn, what do you do?
Drop. Crispy brand new shirt waiting for you
Emailed Everlane Friday regarding a return and still haven't heard anything back
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