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Anyone know any vendors selling "Premium Winter CPs" in size 45 that isn't burgundy? Looking for anything, a sale would be nice too, but shit I can't seem to find any.
+50. I couldnt even get myself to read half of what he wrote.
Most in this thread are depressing, get a life. In other news, I was supposed to work today (boss wants us to work 7 days a week...don't get paid enough for that) and I didn't show up. I'm watching the baseball game instead. Getting bitched at tomorrow and everyone being crazy passive aggressive will be worth it.
Shit. For the most part I did it solo. I'll never be able to get a corner office now.
When I was 13 I masterbated so much that my dick had a sore spot on it. Should I put this on my resume guys?
I take it you work in accounting? What area do you work in? Groupon real estate licensing classes...I may take that offer lol.
I feel ya on no one your age to talk too. I have people around my age at my firm, but they are married and depressing as fuck.
Definitely do not want to do this as a lifelong career. I work at a smaller firm right now. I'm actively looking for a new job, hopefully one with more opportunities and better coworkers. Eventually I'd actually like to get into real estate. I'm saving up cash to buy my first rental property (will have enough money this time next year) and hope to have a few of those and work as a real estate agent. I can't stand being in an office 50-70 hours a week.
I do not know much about fund accounting, I work in public, but is their a salary increase with this move? If you are scared your current company is going under and their is a salary increase I don't see why you shouldn't. Do you like your current job?
New Posts  All Forums: