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Tis all good. One of the partners ran this shitty firm into the ground....I saw it coming and I've been looking for a few months. Nothing yet, but hopefully soon.
Laid off from work today..."cash flow issues". Officially peasant status for awhile.
Does anyone else find it ironic that the OP provides "image consultation services" (see blog)?
Rumor has it that he takes a lot of pills. His story is long, but long story short is that he's pretty crazy. He was dating some 18 year old girl or something and went crazy after they broke up. His posts about her were always awesome. His post about "pushing people away" is true, I see him bickering with people on FB all the time. I guess it's sad, but you would have to know the guy to understand.
From one of my favorite drama filled FB friends...btw this is a dude. "As I get older(or push people away) i dont know which it is... It seems that Im getting as close to completely alone as I could possibly get. I had 1 person, that was a mass text say happy thanksgiving to me. No one ever returns my calls, no one cares to talk to me. this may be an annoying status, but im seriously so miserable. have been for about 5 months now.. I wish I knew what to do. I dont fit in...
Yep...not my style.
White Mountaineering..really tempted on this.
Anyone know any vendors selling "Premium Winter CPs" in size 45 that isn't burgundy? Looking for anything, a sale would be nice too, but shit I can't seem to find any.
+50. I couldnt even get myself to read half of what he wrote.
Most in this thread are depressing, get a life. In other news, I was supposed to work today (boss wants us to work 7 days a week...don't get paid enough for that) and I didn't show up. I'm watching the baseball game instead. Getting bitched at tomorrow and everyone being crazy passive aggressive will be worth it.
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