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Possibly a dumb question, but I've never owned any higher quality moccasins before...I just received my Quoddy brown suede brick sole blucher from South Willard, if these get wet will they be okay? Should I put some kind of protective coating on it or anything?
Quote: Originally Posted by ahouais Hey, sorry if this is in the wrong topic, but I was hoping you guys could help me out with sizing on a pair of APCs. I purchased these NC (size 29) at the APC store in LA today, and I was wondering if I should have sized down to a 28. I'd like them to be pretty skinny, and I like how these fit now. Here are a couple of pictures (sorry for bad quality): Those look pretty tight in the thighs to me already....
Good topic. When I joined this forum I was originally just looking to find some nice jeans. I was sick of wearing levis because they did not fit me like I wanted to and the quality was shit. Then I started reading other threads and came to enjoy some of the pieces other members were wearing. Now to people on here I probably do dress boring. I don't wear anything flamboyant, I don't "break the rules", I'm not going to inspire anyone (I don't think? haha), but I'm...
The wings and food in general is horrible and overpriced. The girls are usually pretty decent. Place sucks though, I try to avoid it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas Does anyone here have/had nasal polyps? Have you had the surgery to clean them out? Curious to know if you had it, how it went, did they stay gone, did you have the little snipout or did they have to go all the way into your sinuses? How was the surgery and the recovery? Was it coupled with any other kind of therapy/drugs to keep them down? Did it work? I'm strongly considering this surgery as the inability to...
Quote: Originally Posted by PinkPantser They're really nice, I bought a pair but they were too narrow for my feet and had to go back. The leather is a nice nubbly texture and the color is very rich. Prince John loves em too Nice pictures, they look really good. I decided to get them and ordered them yesterday. They should be here Thursday or Friday, I'm pumped.
Quote: Originally Posted by Razele I too may grab them. Tasty. Apparently South Willard are getting them in grey suede. Jet, where the ETA at? Yeah, the black one they have looks alright too, but that color with the brick sole just looks real good together. Probably gonna pull the trigger on these. I've never owned a pair of Quoddys, but I hear the quality is good.
Thinking about buying these for Fall.. Quoddy Suede Blucher Brick sole
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim I know that approximately 98% of women in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, even the really ugly, fat ones - wear makeup. It amuses me to no end that most of the people in this thread only date the 2% that don't. The worldwide annual expenditures for cosmetics is estimated at $19 billion. Exactlyyyy. Almost ever girl wears something. I don't mind as long as without makeup on she doesn't look...
I run naked
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