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Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum crossfit? I don't know, crossfit is pretty intense..even with the scaled workouts it would be better to have some muscle before attempting crossfit IMO. I tried to start crossfit and just got discouraged because the exercises were too advanced for me without basic strength. Quote: Originally Posted by EdenResident Disclaimer: I'm an amatuer myself and is considered very weak compared...
Quote: Originally Posted by robba 8 / 9 months. Ahhh. Yeah, maybe after that long I might have to wear a belt too, haha.
Quote: Originally Posted by fredbr i'm not defending anyone but i dont think he's as (fat) as some of you are suggesting. you all jumped on the bandwagon calling him fat this, fat that because hes wearing really expensive pieces. i dont think that if he was wearing gap or ae that most of you would attack him. i think its just bad postures and a wide chest because his pictures show that he has skinny legs. his outfit in the bathing suit doesnt even show...
Quote: Originally Posted by robba I don't think so. my waist measures 33.5" I wear a NS size 29 and they are 33" now. I need a belt or else my pants will drop. How long have you had them? My waist measures 34" and I have a NS size 30. After two and a half months I still don't need a belt..they're perfect.
Quote: Originally Posted by flesy ^^^ If you want to size down 2 You would get a size 28. But I'd reccomend getting a size 27. No, getting a 28 would be sizing down zero. A tagged 28 measures 30 right when you get it..
Quote: Originally Posted by misterbryan Arn't PS the slimiest fit for APCs? ---- My actual waist size is 30. So if i want to size down 2. Do i size down from the tagged size or the actual waist size? According to ContextClothing, the waist size of a tagged 26 is actually 28. So do i get a tagged 26 or a tagged 28? http://www.contextclothing.com/item.php?id=665 People say you size down from the tagged size, but i still dont get why you do...
Quote: Originally Posted by hnlax I used to wear loud nikes as well, but they just seem ridiculous now. I mean, no one is telling him not to wear them, but the crowd here doesn't like them, and that's why they're pointing him to iss/niketalk, where he can probably get better input from people who do like those shoes. I don't think it's about being elitist (people here talk about nikes all the time), it's just that those particular color schemes don't do...
Damn man there are so many elitists on this forum, it's crazy. Every time someone comes here with a little diversity everyone just rags on them. Maybe that's why the majority of people on this forum wear really boring clothes. I can only take so much basic tee, jeans, basic sneaker. I don't even wear anything nuts either, I am a pretty basic guy, but just because someone comes in wearing something different than you doesn't mean you have to ridicule them.
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus Alan Ruck is that you?
I wear a size US12 shoe and I was wondering what size UK shoe I would wear? Googling it provides so many different answers and size charts it's nuts. Does anyone have a definitive answer of what size UK shoe is equal to a US size 12?
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