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Wow. You sound like a great person to be around.
I am 2 years removed from college. I hated my first year out, but that was because I hated my job. I came from a large university and was used to having lots of people around that I could interact with. After college, I worked at a smallish public accounting firm and wanted to blow my brains out. The people sucked, the job sucked, the suburb city sucked, and the hours sucked. Now I work in an urban environment, work with awesome people who I actually want to hangout with...
I believe this piece is from F/W '13. I bought it new last fall from Lyonstate. The shirt fits more like a medium, so see measurements. Shirt has been worn, but is in good condition. Shipping included within the CONUS. Measurements Shoulder: 17" P2P: 20"
Bought awhile ago and they never fit me. Putting this up after months of being lazy. The pants are a little wrinkled (they were folded in my closet), but the pants are in great condition. Shipping within the CONUS is included. Measurements: Waist: 18" Thigh (Measured straight across): 12" Leg Opening: 7.25"
I tried this piece on once, so it is basically brand new. SIZE LARGE. Shipping included for CONUS. See link below for measurements & stock photos.
I just had Buffalo Wild Wings. SO MANY CALORIES.
Geller sweatshirt is dope. If you ever wanna sell it holla at me.
You jealous, bro?
Good point. I just bought a medium in each
Will kop both of these when I get home.
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