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Quote: Originally Posted by Helix Isn't that a strike against them? Nope
I wear the best of the best, Wrangler. 20 bucks at Walmart. Brett Favre said they're cool.
Just shave your head son
Forever 21
Quote: Originally Posted by constant struggle me and my girl don't talk about clothing anymore, i bored her waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much early on in our relationship haha although when i kop jawnz for her she doesn't seem to mind just bought this 7" Dude sick record. I love Title Fight haha. Do you like Transit too?
Quote: Originally Posted by wagthesam I've actually done this to an interview once. I was a newb about suits and felt something was off. Didn't realize I was a dumbadss until after the interview. Haha that sucks man.
Quote: Originally Posted by splattered Well that's including the vanity sizing :P Ah okay, thats better then. Where my jeans sit measure 34" and I wear a size 30 APC NS and they fit perfect, so you'll be fine.
Quote: Originally Posted by splattered Ya know what, after seeing his 3 downsized jeans(which look great), i agree w you and i'm gonna size down 4... Hope i'll be able to SOMEWHAT button em when i receive em. :P Allllllllright i just pulled the trigger at Context on the NS Sz26 Indigo... hope i'm happy w em. I hope the nudie SJDJ are sized down enough for my 30 waist at a 28. Ok, back to work :P Sizing down 4? WTF, lol. Goodluck...
Quote: Originally Posted by dmash1080 Yeah.....I have a small waist and my legs reach 23" at the biggest part, I'm a personal trainer... Damn homie those are wayyy to tight. My thighs are 24" at the largest point and my 30 NS fit perfect. I am 6'1 though, so I'm pretty long. How tall are you?
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