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I usually just listen to music...although I have listened to the local sports radio show a couple times while running during the daytime.
Quote: Originally Posted by Big Punisher I don't think that'll ever happen where I live. Also I might be the only person who doesn't really care how a girl dresses. I mean if she's naturally hot she''ll look hot wearing whatever almost. Of course on occasion they can take it to the next level and look amazing, but it's not really important to me. I feel you on that brother.
Quote: Originally Posted by tonio028 Haha, even though a naked woman can also look great with only Crocs on her feet too, doesn't mean they should do that does it? GTFO with Uggs. I'd rather have my woman wear a pair of pumps to go with her naked body. And if I see a woman wearing Uggs with say PINK splattered all over her ass, as hot as she is, it's still a disaster. Stay classy ladies. Haha not for me man. If a chick was wearing crocs...
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger I dont really care that much about womens clothing trends other than fat girls wearing tights another one that I've seen lately is really tacky bomber jackets Lol yeah dude fat girls wearing tights or leggings is ridiculous, everytime I see that I can't help but laugh.
I hate Crocs on men, women and children alike. However people are ragging on women wearing Uggs, Northface, Flip flops, etc. I don't really mind what a women wears as long as she wears it well. A naked women wearing only Uggs is hot, you guys should experience it.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel this is the weirdest subforum on this forum. Yep. Every strange question that can be possibly asked is asked here. Shits wild.
Quote: Originally Posted by Helix Isn't that a strike against them? Nope
I wear the best of the best, Wrangler. 20 bucks at Walmart. Brett Favre said they're cool.
Just shave your head son
Forever 21
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