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BUMP. Price drop 70 -> 60.
Pictures speak for themselves. Basically brand new pair of CPs. Includes the box, bag, and extra pair of shoelaces. Price includes shipping within the CONUS.
BUMP. Price drop, 30 -> 40.
BUMP. Price drop, 90 -> 70.
BUMP. Big price drop, 125 -> 100. FIRM.
BUMP. Price drop, 110 -> 100.
BUMP. Price drop, 140 -> 130.
What field are you in?
APC New Standard - 32 - BNWT. Only worn a couple times indoors. These are still stiff - fit doesn't work for me. Shipping included in the CONUS. Check out http://www.contextclothing.com/item.php?id=6 for measurements.
Bummed that the code only works on sale items. Couldn't find anything that interested me.
New Posts  All Forums: