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Pictures speak for themselves. Basically brand new pair of CPs. Includes the box, bag, and extra pair of shoelaces. Price includes shipping within the CONUS.
BUMP. Price drop, 30 -> 40.
BUMP. Price drop, 90 -> 70.
BUMP. Big price drop, 125 -> 100. FIRM.
BUMP. Price drop, 110 -> 100.
BUMP. Price drop, 140 -> 130.
What field are you in?
APC New Standard - 32 - BNWT. Only worn a couple times indoors. These are still stiff - fit doesn't work for me. Shipping included in the CONUS. Check out for measurements.
Bummed that the code only works on sale items. Couldn't find anything that interested me.
Salt box swim trunks BNWT. Size large. Bought on sale and they don't work for me. Price is firm, I'm selling these at a loss already. See link below for pics - I'm selling the teal and the red ones. $40 each shipped.,default,pd.html
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