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Ahh forgot I have to tackle my CPA this year as well. Not looking forward to it.
Ah ok thanks, I see it now, but damn even the extra slim fit seems pretty large. 16" neck gives you a 45 1/2" chest measurement. God damn. Guess ill just have to check it out in person.
Am I blind or does Brooks Brothers not list chest and shoulder measurements on their site? Trying to buy some dress shirts, but hard to buy when no measurements listed.
Made some awesome pulled pork sandwiches last night for NYE house party. Cooked it in the slow cooker and served with coleslaw.
Don't have official New Years resolutions per se, however I do have a few goals. Starting my first real job in my career in a week, so I want to save some cash. Also want to finish an album with a musical project I've been working on the past few months.
Good points. Now that I'm officially starting in my career I will definitely adhere to the two week standard notice. I'm glad I didn't now though because this next week I'm going on vacation before starting the new gig
Thanks for all the advice guys. Today was my last day and it went well. During my exit interview the owner and manager actually looked like they were gonna cry when I was talking to them, so apparently they really liked me. I forgot if I stated this or not, but the firm I'll be starting with in a week is all men. Kinda funny working with all women and now all men. At least I can talk sports
Yeah I didn't. I'm way too lazy to care that much, but wow was I wrong. Apparently everyone else was fucking up because it went fine. She was fine with the one week notice and even offered to write me a letter of recommendation anytime I wanted in the future. Lesson learned; maybe all the other interns and employees approached the situation unprofessionally. No joke I've heard some horror stories which included three former interns, so this was really unexpected.
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