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Truth. After wearing Epaulet and other quality clothes J Crew feels insanely cheap. Be warned once you try Epaulet you will never go back
Great thread. A lot of this stuff is amazing. EDIT: Anyone have any favorite design blogs / sites? Just something that showcases artwork/design similar to this thread?
Hey Mike, any word on the rerelease of the old shadow dot shirts? Preordered mine awhile ago and haven't been following SF that much, so sorry if its been asked before.
This is serious. This isnt a game buddy. This is life.
Yes, but I need your information. This isn't a public library, we are a borderline secret society made up of wealthy and stylish gents.
If you post your full legal name, your address, and your social security number we will be better able to help you.
What if I told you that she lives in a trailer. Would you guys still want to talk to her?
I win this thread. This is awesome.
No I'm good. Been with PC. Mac owns PC. This is the only site that is slow for me. It hurts to browse with all the laggy scrolling. I'll see you guys in another month maybe it will actually be fixed.
Still can't scroll this forum without it lagging like hell. I'm on safari. My computer is not 10 years old. Should I buy a new mac just so I can browse SF?
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