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Great day today. Ran three steady miles this afternoon and ran two miles of intervals at the gym tonight. PS: Running intervals feels so good.
Probably on guy #47. Wonder if Mark ever got over it
Whatever you end up doing make sure you buy those little umbrella things for the drinks. I wont judge you. Also goodluck on your first time.
Come on man...you buttered her up and this other guy reaps the benefit lol. You gotta be better than that.
Anyone know anything about this brand? Fit? Sizing? Durability? Looks pretty good from what I've seen, but who knows. Share your knowledge. http://neuwdenim.com/ http://www.revolveclothing.com/brandpages/NEUW.jsp?d=Mens
Great condition. Worn about 10-15, as you can see in the pictures. Size 44 and this is the 2011 edition. PM me. Paypal only. Shipping included in price.
Has been reinforced in the crotch (see pictures) by a professional tailor. 12 oz denim. 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane. PM me. Paypal only. Measurements: Waist: 35" Thigh: 12" Leg opening: 7 1/2"
I just got a Nikon D90 a couple weeks ago. First camera I've ever owned (didn't even own a P&S). I still have no idea what I'm doing...but here are a few pictures I've taken.
LOL. Yeah man the OG shadow dot. Haters gonna hate. I'm just gonna wear it everytime I see her now
Showed my GF the shadow dot shirt today...she hated it lol. Compared me to the Easter Bunny.
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